Monday, October 20, 2008


Progress is being made on the embroidery front. I've spent most of my non-office work time crocheting and watching TV with C, feeling really uncomfortably ill and crocheting or some other combination of those things. I picked up the butterfly quilt block again yesterday afternoon.

The butterfly is looking ever so pitiful yet. I went over the transfer pencil marks with red china marker at work. The non-circular dark pink circle on the left is courtesy of not being able to see those red transfer pencil marks on that fuzzy dark fabric.

I'm not yet sure what stitches and threads I want to use on this heart. I got this book here from the library a couple weeks ago. I'm sure some perusal will help me decide.

I just love the public library. I also brought home books about felted crochet, art quilts, applique quilting, and floor coverings the last time I visited. All that information and entertainment available in a concrete, I-can-take-it-home-with-me form that's usable even when you can't get to the internet. Maybe some day I will write a crappy love poem to the library. Maybe even mail it. I'm sure someone working there would get a laugh out of it.

Things to look for in the near future: completion of this quilt block (maybe even later today), pincushions, completed crochet projects, $1.50 wool (!) and other yarns snatched up on the cheap from Wal-Mart clearance

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