Wednesday, November 12, 2008

kitty hat

It seems that I have been making the same mistake repeatedly for the last few days. Clicking the "SAVE NOW" button does not, as a point in fact, publish your blog posts so that others can see them. Oops! Sorry about that. Four new posts today because I have been internet-stupid and not reading the things I have been clicking for my blog posts.

It's cold here again. Always happens this time of year, but it seems to have happened more abruptly than normal this year. As a result, C did not have his winter hats or scarves washed up and ready to go soon enough. So he got out this little number I made up for him last year.

Polyester faux fur, cotton/poly lining, satin ear lining. All fabrics were salvaged or leftover from previous projects. The satin came from an absolutely gigantic butt bow from a 1980s-era prom dress, the faux fur from pieces leftover after making my warlock's minion Halloween costume a few years ago.

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