Friday, November 28, 2008

more thrifting

I left the house in a hurry Friday morning and subsequently forgot my dress blouse for the concert shift. I was wearing a company polo shirt, but we're not allowed to wear those for concert shifts. Bummer. And I didn't realize it until I was already to the Grand Station on the Metro; way too late to go back and get my shirt or to call C and have him help me out since he had to be to work 1/2 hour before me.

Good thing I had some $ in my pocket with my ID and MetroPass. Thrift Plus had a 50% off everything but furniture sale today. I picked up a great dark blue silk dress blouse and a burgundy polyester one as well as several more sweaters for felting. I'm debating keeping the grey cashmere one for myself or felting it and making matching warm, fuzzy hats for my newly re-found elementary school best friend and her 1 year old daughter.

C apparently found a terrific package deal on a new digital camera and that is my holiday gift from him this year. The battery is charging right now, but you can be certain I will be posting lots more pics of things from here on out. Yay! I think the first post containing pics with the new camera will be a tutorial for handmade lotion bars. They're solid bars of lotion-y goodness that melt at skin temperature and help keep my eczema-prone skin happy all year. I used the last of a lotion bar I had purchased at a craft fair a while back and my skin has been upset with me over it ever since. I'll be stopping by Cheryl's Herbs just down the road from the spice shop later today after I get out of work to pick up some beeswax, a little more cocoa (or maybe shea butter), and maybe some other things.

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