Friday, November 7, 2008

my apologies

About a week ago, I set myself the goal of posting here almost every day. It's been a couple days since I have had time to come here and share though; lots of hours working at the spice shop. Hopefully all these hours will add up to being able to rent a car so I can go to my sister's wedding next month.

Here's what I made the towel yarn into:

It's a bath rug for in front of our shower/tub. I got tired of slipping all over on the linoleum flooring in there every time I stepped out of the tub. One of the towels I used didn't stand up to being washed and dried very well once it was cut up. I still have some more old towels to be used up though, so I can easily mend what went wrong.

On the agenda for today:
work at the spice shop
more embroidery
buying a shovel (if I manage to get to a hardware store before it closes today) to manage the compost pile out back; it needs to be dug up, turned and partially buried again

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