Friday, November 28, 2008

my craft-related wishlist

I'm going to be participating in the Craftster Ongoing Wish Swap #41 in December. So here is my Wish List! I'll be adding and editing as the swap progresses throughout the month.

bolded items are really big wishes!

Crafted Items
- cardboard, paper, or natural cotton shredder/preener toys for my medium-small size parrots (similar to anything on this site just without dyes as I think one of my fids is allergic to something in certain dyes, makes him really sick and pukey :( )
- cute ruffle apron (like from here) in warm earth tones
clothespins with crows or some other bird on them similar to this
- handmade hot pads/potholders
- fabric shopping bags in manly-type fabrics (for my boyfriend to keep in his car for when he randomly decides it's time to go grocery shopping on the way home from work)
- knitted size XL (US women's 18-20) shrug so I can wear some sleeveless lovelies to work, prefer black/charcoal/grey/etc. for color
- fabric roll container thing for my crochet hooks (I keep them in a hard plastic pencil container right now, but that's also where I keep my needles and threads for small embroidery and sewing projects that I travel with)
- thread catcher to use with my new sewing machine
- thumb pincushion, natural fiber fabric preferable
- clothespin bag for the clothesline outside
- fabric napkins to pack in lunches, bright colors preferred
- knit legwarmers (I have large calves, so a size XL I think maybe?)
- all natural body powder, would love something in rose, bergamot, ylang-ylang, or a combination thereof
- handmade dryer balls (to reduce static without using chemicals I'm allergic to)
- basket to help organize WIPs (boyfriend is annoyed with the embroidery in the living room, crochet in the bedroom, sewing on the kitchen table, etc. all the time) any medium you like
- handcrafted brooch, any medium
- sturdy fabric wallet (I've been carrying my ID and such around in my pockets and frequently misplacing them for the last year since I completely wore out my duct tape one)
- recycled bottlecap fridge magnets

- wool or cashmere sweaters for felted crafts
- cotton or linen bias tape
- rotary cutter or mat
- yarns appropriate for simple crochet projects (so far I'm pretty good at blankets, hats and scarves :D)
- old jeans (for squares for a quilt I have been working on slowly for a couple years)
- rickrack or lace
- darning foot for my sewing machine (Bernette 66)
- 2 inch squares of cotton fabric for another quilt I'm working on, any color/pattern
- stuffie patterns (sewn)
- pinking shears

- postcard from your area
- sachets for clothes drawers (lavender, rose, cardamom, cinnamon, cedar, etc. would all be wonderful)
- heirloom vegetable seeds
- marigold and/or zinnia seeds, any variety
- I would absolutely LOVE any old Foxfire or Mother Earth News you find or do not want
- a favorite recipe or two

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