Friday, November 7, 2008


That was the greeting C got when he came home from work the other night. I decided I wanted something sweet and chocolaty to eat at about 10pm and set about searching the tubes for a one particular egg-less, butter-less chocolate cake recipe I found about a month ago. The cake it made was oh, so moist and rich and delicious and contained a seemingly sinful amount of dark cocoa. Too bad I forgot to bookmark the recipe or copy it down in any way at all. After several minutes of fruitless search engine queries, I gave up and searched for what looked like a good brownie recipe instead.

This is what I found. I followed the recipe as it was written for the first batch*, with the exception of adding 1teaspoon of minced, dried lemon peel and 1 teaspoon of lemon extract. (More on fun times with lemon extract later in this blog.) Those ones were pretty good, but C and I both agree that the cocoa with the lemon didn't work really well with this recipe even though it's a combination I usually love. They were still brownies and yummy nonetheless, but the second recipe was what elicited my zombie-like "ohmigawdbrownies!" response to C walking in the door saying "Hi, how's it goin'? You're up later than usual."

I doubled the initial recipe outright, omitting the cocoa powder altogether. I added an extra tablespoon of Mexican vanilla extract (arguably my favorite item at the spice shop), 1 rounded teaspoon instant coffee granules (I think I have Folgers, but I don't believe it would make a difference one way or another with this one), and 1/2 teaspoon espresso-grind Cafe Bustelo (seems to be about the only kind of coffee C and I can both agree on) as well as... drumroll, please! Approximately 1/2 cup of cacao nibs I bought from Whole Foods about 3 years ago.

I didn't bother measuring or anything, just dumped the bag in there and mixed it in with everything else. OMG they are good. You should totally make them. Or something similar since, you know, I know that not everyone has a half eaten bag of cacao nibs sitting around the kitchen and I'm a proponent of using what you have. I think they would be just as delicious with coarsely chopped extra dark chocolate mixed in. Or maybe even coarsely ground coffee beans if you're really into getting a caffeine fix with your dessert-like foods that probably shouldn't count as breakfast but do every once in a while when you're not feeling like actually cooking something in the morning.

*Please note that I did not, however, make the icing/frosting for either of the batches.

Today's agenda:
ticket wench (but only for 8 hours today)
more embroidery (seems to be my default activity lately)
more granny square making (if I get my yarns and completed squares out of C's car before work)
hang out with the birds some
tear out the tomatoes and figure out what to do with all those green ones out there
WoW it up with C and our friend D and the new guild

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