Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sweater recycling

I went to Thrift plus across the road from the box office today looking for sweaters. I was initially looking for a great cardigan to add to my winter wardrobe. I did, in fact, find a terrific charcoal colored cardigan with real shell buttons that fit me just like I wanted. I have since removed all of the buttons except the extra one sewn into the side seam and the one at the very top since I never plan to have it all buttoned up.

While shopping at thrift stores for new to you clothes is indeed one way of recycling unwanted clothing that would otherwise just take up space in a landfill, another way is to use those nice finds that you absolutely love but would never wear or fit into.

Among the rows and rows of sweaters brought out for the season, I found the sweetest little 100% lambswool sweater in black and almost neon oranges, yellows and greens. It is a child's size large, so it would never fit me. And even if it did, the pattern and colors would keep me from actually wearing it very often, if at all. It is very soft, though, and I imagine that it will felt up quite nicely in the washer and dryer since it is already partly felted. I plan to make a hat and child's mittens lined with flannel as well as some smaller stuffed animals. Maybe a felted sweater elephant! Or some acornaments (hehe!) like the ones I featured in the mosaic on Monday.

You can also recycle sweaters by unraveling them to have yarn of your own to play and craft with. A very nice tutorial for this can be found here. There were lots of other nice wool, wool blend and cashmere sweaters I was practically drooling over. I think when I finish with the one I brought home I will snag a few more and turn them into pretty, soft, crafty wonderfulness also.

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