Monday, November 3, 2008

towel yarn

Made from old towels cut into long strips. That's my handy dandy size Q hook there in my hand. Can you guess what I'm making in that pic?

I'm busybusy with all the crocheting and embroidering going on lately, but an update with the finished project will be coming soon. There will also be an update on some of the embroidery that I have finished for my sister's quilt.

Current WIPs:
embroidery (and lots of it!) for Sister's quilt
49 blue-colored granny squares for gift for H's upcoming wedding
4 bridesmaids' dresses for Sister's upcoming wedding
cleaning and organizing the bedroom and back room (so I can turn the back room into a crafting room and be out of C's hair whenever I have sewing and embroidering things covering whatever area I had chosen for a temporary workspace)
4 white, fluffy faux fur boleros to go with the bridesmaids' dresses (surprise for sis and all involved since it's going to be December in Michigan and it's usually COLD)

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