Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've made a claim!

And been claimed in return. In the Craftster Ongoing Wish Swap 41, that is.

I claimed Craftster lapoli for a wool sweater, lavender buds and something inspired by her wists. I have the sweater and lavender buds all set to go. I'm finishing up a bag inspired by this one in her wists tonight. The orange sweater is really more of a mustardy yellow in real life. The green is a vintage curtain panel (polyester I think, that or nylon, it really could be either) for the bag proper and the white is a floral patterned polyester for the lining. You can actually see the textures if you click on the image for a larger view. Same goes for the rest of the pics in this post, with the sole exception of the fluffy bird pic taken with the webcam.

Looks to me like a pretty fun package to receive. What do you think?

I am also working more on bridesmaid dresses tonight. Pics of the dresses will be coming shortly. I promise. I should probably be posting pics as I go, but I think I'd rather just post the entire process at once. Sewing this stretch satin stuff is pretty intimidating, even with a machine. I think it's because I'm concerned about them being as perfect as possible since they're for my sister's wedding. Only about a week to go now. Eep! I need to hunker down on this wedding sewing business and stop doing things like adding to my wists (there's a new feature over there on the right showing you all of my own wists, by the way), listening and dancing to salsa music on Pandora, and giving out free head scritches.

But, seriously, who could say no to that much fluffy green cuteness whispering "come here" and making kissy sounds? Huh? Yeah, that's what I thought; you wouldn't be able to, either. That's Bird hanging out with me after I got home from work tonight. He's my buddy. I call him "Bubba," but I'd advise against it for anyone else as he gets kinda angry at C sometimes if he calls Bird Bubba.

I promised pics of thrifted and thrifted-felted goodness a while back. Here you go!
Clockwise, left to right:
1. dark red polyester blouse
2. heathery-purple lambswool sweater to be felted
3. pink, lightweight, cabled lambswool sweater to be felted (I hope some of the cabling texture will still be there after felting)
4. grey, oh-my-goodness-it's-so-soft-I-can't-believe-it, cashmere sweater size XL (still waffling between keeping it for myself or felting it and making matching mommy-and-me hats/mittens for newly re-found best friend)
5. 100% silk, 1 size too big for me blouse (keeping for myself for a while yet as part of my work wardrobe, maybe I'll take it in or maybe I'll leave it roomier)

Felted child's sweater from an earlier post cut up. This piece will be a nice hippy-ish/faery-ish warm hat.

These pieces will turn into spearmint-filled cat toys like the one below.

This one will soon be (hopefully) thoroughly enjoyed by Eloise the cat, my now ex-roommate's kitty. Eloise went nuts when we had spilled a bag of dried spearmint in the kitchen one day so it seemed appropriate. Makes me wonder if catnip is really all that it's made out to be as far as cat toys are concerned. Maybe it isn't just catnip but plants in the mint family in general that cats seem to love so much?

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