Friday, December 12, 2008

ready to go

Two gift crates packed full of crafty and spicy goodness, ready to go to Michigan with me. Bottom one is for Mom and Dad, top one is signed and dated 12/20/2008 by C and me for a combination wedding/holiday gift for my sister. While there are now, I realize, a few things that should have gone into the one for Mom and Dad before I nailed it shut and bent the nail so that I can't get it back out again, there was no extra space left in the one for my sister. C even got out the really nice jar or pink Himalayan salt chunks his mom gave him so I could nab a couple to fill up the last bit. Since this is a combo gift I wanted to make sure there was enough in there that she didn't feel like I was skimping. Not that she would think that necessarily, but I really, really wanted it to be nice for her. The crates themselves were discarded from the spice shop where I work and were handmade by skilled craftsmen/women in Wisconsin.

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