Friday, February 20, 2009

Monty Python

When it was nice outside in the summer, my siblings and I used to stage 'wars' with all the neighbor kids. There were about a dozen or so of us all in all. Since we had the only jungle gym, these mock battles would always occur on our backyard. The jungle gym was the most coveted of all bases of operation. Sometimes we would be cowboys and indians, sometimes pirates. And sometimes we would just pretend that the jungle gym was a castle and that the sand box (which we had filled with water previously) was a moat. Even though it didn't actually go around the jungle gym, it was big enough and full of water enough to pretend.

Once, my sister and I somehow managed to win the jungle gym the night before (these were epic, sometimes weeks long battles) and so had brainstormed what we were going to do the next day before we went to sleep that night. This was easy to do as we shared a room and had bunk beds. We came up with this fantastic idea to use sheets to block off all the walls, and a big quilt to put over the top, of the jungle gym. We were going to get up really early (when the rooster started crowing in the morning) and catch all of the chickens and corral them in the top of the jungle gym.

So we got up really early and put dishes of food and water in the jungle gym, closed it all off and managed to get all of the chickens in the top within a reasonable amount of time. Then we made ourselves breakfast, packed ourselves lunch, made up a couple gallons of Kool-Aid and went back outside to wait for our enemies' arrival.

Several hours later our brothers and the neighbor kids all started to wake up and come outside. They saw the sheeted jungle gym, but Dez and I weren't answering anyone's questions as to whether or not we were up there or if we were even outside at all. Then I heard one of the neighbor boys shout something about "They're not here! They've abandoned their post, let's take it over!" That's when Dez and I each grabbed a couple of chickens, stood up and started throwing them at the people attacking our fort. It was nothing short of spectacular.

We never clipped our chickens' wings at that time, and we had mostly little bantams anyway, so very few of them actually hit what we were tossing them at. They just kind of flapped all over the place causing general chaos. Mom must have heard the commotion, came to the back door to see what we were doing and told Dad to come see, too, because about 1/2 way through our poultry defense assault our parents were both standing on the back porch laughing uncontrollably.

It was an act worthy of Monty Python, but we wouldn't find out who he was until years later.

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