Thursday, March 26, 2009

cabbages! (and taters)

Aldi's has cabbages $0.69 per head this week. We bought 5 of them. That coupled with the 2 gigantic head we still had left from when when Shop N Save had them on sale last week and boy howdy do we have some cabbage! I love me some cabbage. Fried, in soups, pickled, made in to kraut or kimchi, any old way you want to make it I like it.

Yesterday after returning from our grocery-getting excursion we started on making cabbage rolls.

This is most of what went into the cabbage rolls. We made up a couple dozen with a vegan rice stuffing and about a dozen containing sausage and rice. The spices were all used to flavor the rice, which you see boiling away in the beginning of the cooking process below.

Messy stovetop is messy. It gets cleaned, just not usually before I take pictures of it in use. :p

Sauteing onions in olive oil. I have friends who despise onions. In suspicious tones they claim "You can't trust a vegetable that turns clear when you cook it."

After boiling the leaves in small batches until tender enough to origami it up without breaking, stuff with rice mix and fold like you would egg roll wrappers. Here is C finishing up the last of the vegan ones.

When you're ready to have yummy stuffed cabbage goodies, put some in a crock pot or stovetop pot and pour in some plain old canned tomato juice. If you're feeling special you can use something like V8 or the store brand vegetable juice blend. Tomato works fine for me, though. Especially with the army of spices I have at my disposal.

And for the super frugal reading this, Aldi's also has 10lb bags of potatoes for $1.99 this week. We boiled and mashed 15 pounds worth of them last night. They'll be portioned off and frozen along with the extra cabbage rolls soon.

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  1. OMG cabbage rolls!!!! They look so yummy! I don't have time for it, sadly.


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