Monday, March 23, 2009

handmade toy swap update (way late)

That last post was actually from Saturday evening, not February 20. February 20 was when I had started it. I fail at blog upkeep lately. Sorry folks. I do have some pics today, though they're none of them particularly exciting.

These were the required materials for making a little bird toy for the handmade toy swap. White mohair yarn, black felted wool skirt, needles, seam ripper )far taking apart the skirt at the seams, scissors, pattern from Lolly Chops. (Go check out her blog, it's always full of cute and awesome. Right now it's full of spring-type cute and awesome.) I included the organic cotton sewing thread here, but I didn't actually end up using it for the toy.

Here is the disassembled skirt with pattern pieces pinned on. I made this toy one really slow day at the spice shop before our order for the week arrived to be put away. I used the mohair yarn to do blanket stitch on the outside of all the seams so that it would contrast both color-wise and texture-wise. I also used it to make large French knots eyes.

Regrettably, I do not have a photo of the finished bird. Or any of the finished toys I made for the handmade toy swap for that matter. I lost my camera's battery charger and used the absolute last power left on the batteries to get these snaps. Then the bird went off in the mail to my swap partner in California along with a pink and white felted bag to hand on a doorknob and carry 10 different colored crocheted fish toys for a counting/color game and a crocheted duck from this pattern (it's a pdf).


  1. From the parts it looks like it turned out really cute. :-) I bet your swap partner loved it.

  2. She probably did. From the sounds of things though I think her kids liked the crocheted fish counting game and the crocheted duckling best.


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