Friday, March 27, 2009

morning snuggles

This is what happens when I sit at my computer for over 5 minutes in the morning. Bird flies himself over and proceeds to begin the snuggling and preening fest. He's a love monster. Any other time and to anyone else he's just a little green chicken monster; especially now that it's spring. The parrots seem to go hormonal right along with all the other birds and we get several weeks of nothing but brat bird. This adorable makes up for it though.

Please don't get mad at me for having my birds flighted. Fully flighting my birds is a personal decision that I took a lot of time researching and debating about. I feel that flighting birds is the healthiest thing for them. I know there will always be the chance that they could get scared and bolt away outdoors if ever put in a position where there is an open door to the outside or something happens and their cages are not secured when travelling or moving. That knowledge and that worry is outweighed far by the health and psychological benefits for a bird that can actually be a bird.

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