Sunday, March 29, 2009

procrastination pays occasionally

Glad I didn't put my beanies outside like I wanted to on Wednesday. You can't really see it here because I took the pic too late in the morning, but we got some snow last night. And cold. Not freeze yer toes off when you set foot in the bathroom cold, but cold enough to harm some little beans. Only 6 of the 27 I planted here grow. Lame. This wasn't even seed from previous planting seasons; it was packaged for the 2009 planting season. Silly Martha Stewart seeds. I'm going back to the store brand, even if they aren't on sale. I should just learn to plan better and buy my seeds and seedlings from a company that grows organic and heirloom varieties that aren't owned by Monsanto. It's virtually impossible to fulfill that last qualifier when buying from any commercially available seed company you'd find in a grocery or department store kiosk.

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