Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcoming Alicia!

Best friend H and wife P welcomed new daughter into the world Wednesday. We're going to the hospital this morning to do the same and to give everyone love and gifts. Pictured: bunny toy from Celebrating Handmade toy swap, handmade cotton wash cloth, homemade fresh baked artisan bread and card in which C wrote a very nice message.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wedding/Anniversary Quilt (update the first)

Started some serious work on the quilt for D&M's wedding/anniversary. My sister really likes blues. I didn't find many blues in the upholstery/decorator fabric remnant pile at Hancock when I was purchasing the fabrics. So there's one little bit of a royal blue tweed weave, a little bit less of the grey shown here on the machine that I am going to call a blue because it looks like it just might be a blue-based dye in the right light (it's lovely even if it isn't actually blue, great texture), about as much of a light muted green like dirty grass as both of the previous colors, and some sort of odd blue/green that I don't know quite how to describe as the primary fabric.

Check out the texture on that blue-grey. Yummy. I cut some this direction and some perpendicular. There are 3 widths of pieces all in all. I cut as many strips out of each fabric as I could. There are 2-inch, 3-inch and 5-inch wide pieces of varying lengths depending upon which direction I cut from or how much of the fabric there was to begin with. I think the grey was about .75 yard, the blue 1 yard, the light green 1.5 yards and the green-blue I think there were at least 2.5 yards. I should have washed and dried my fabrics before I cut them up, but I didn't think that part through very well. So I have a ball of washed and dried fabric strips that need to be separated out and ironed and then then I can start piecing things together.

This is the price I pay for not thinking everything through very well. A pile of washed and dried fabric strips with zigzag stitched edges. The tan one is the dirty grass color; it's considerably more green in person. Now I get to start sorting everything into 2 inch, 3 inch and 5 inch piles while ironing everything flat once more. I hope I have enough fabric. I think I might go through my stash and find some fabrics of similar weight to cut into strips and incorporate for something different to look at occasionally. We'll see. More updates on this in the future.

Upcoming: easy fabric shopping/market bag tutorial

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spinning Feathers

It's molting time here. The time when birdies are itchy from new feathers coming in and clingy because they like all those headscritches you have to give out and angry because you're just a big clumsy human and inevitably touch one of those sensitive new pin feathers that are growing and also not so good at flying and steering because they're missing important wing and tail components. At least the super hormonal phase of spring is over with. Yesterday was Fiber Friday on Craftster and the first poster presented a lovely handspun yarn featuring sea bird feathers. I replied that I was always so impressed with what these people create every Fiber Friday and that I had some parrot feathers to offer anyone who'd like to have a go at incorporating them into their own handspun. I got a reply so now I'm collecting all the sweet fluffy feathers from the bottom of the cage for Craftster Belladune.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am in love with this

I love the recent rebirth of handmade and human-made in our culture. It may just be the circles I go round in, but I'm noticing a lot more emphasis on the fact that an actual human you can speak to has made the items we use. Mass-produced perfection holds less and less value. In this vein, Lisa Hannigan is doing some really terrific things. Her video, music and art (including hand stitched original album art and notes) have been making waves in blogland, on NPR, and on TV lately. Beautiful music. Beautiful art. All hand made.
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