Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spinning Feathers

It's molting time here. The time when birdies are itchy from new feathers coming in and clingy because they like all those headscritches you have to give out and angry because you're just a big clumsy human and inevitably touch one of those sensitive new pin feathers that are growing and also not so good at flying and steering because they're missing important wing and tail components. At least the super hormonal phase of spring is over with. Yesterday was Fiber Friday on Craftster and the first poster presented a lovely handspun yarn featuring sea bird feathers. I replied that I was always so impressed with what these people create every Fiber Friday and that I had some parrot feathers to offer anyone who'd like to have a go at incorporating them into their own handspun. I got a reply so now I'm collecting all the sweet fluffy feathers from the bottom of the cage for Craftster Belladune.

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