Saturday, May 30, 2009

and thus it is no more

Broke my really nice glass jug with adjustable lid this morning. You'd think I'd learn my lesson about thermal shock already, but apparently no. This week had been one of the not so fun, exceptionally crappy, really-really trying variety. This event was totally and completely my own stupid fault, though. Monetarily I'm only out a couple dollars at most since I thrifted this jug. And I'm sure I've gotten my money's worth of use out of it by now. I will miss it, though. Perhaps I should invest in a large metal jug for tea-making and carrying.


  1. Sad day. I remember when you broke the pyrex dish in the kitchen sink. lol Mom didn't think it was too funny though.

  2. I didn't think it was very funny, either! I was afraid I was gonna get my butt whooped big time. And I didn't even understand what had happened to make it break like that in the first place.


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