Friday, June 19, 2009

wedding quilt update (4) or fun with bleach, tools, and textile inks

I quit the job that was giving me anxiety fits. I now have all the time I could want to sew, mend, stitch, experiment, paint, iron, tear, cut, distress, dye and whatever else I may wish to do in the making of this quilt. I never before thought I could actually be happy about quitting anything. I actually told my supervisor that I felt like I was giving up and I had never actually given up on anything before. C helped me realize that I was not, in fact, giving up. My goals were just a lot bigger than working in a call center serving crappy customers under crappier management. I have enough money for rent until we move plus a little more for bills; it will just be a tight 6-8 weeks unless something comes of the 2-6 job applications I have been putting in daily.

In other news, we took a trip to Blick in Clayton the other day and Ihave since fallen in love with Jacquard textile inks. I can stamp with them, I can paint them on, I can create color washes; I am also told that I can use them for improvised silk-screening. B.A.! I painted and stamped these up last night. The peacocks as well as the little pink blossom have since been steeped in coffee and ironed to make the fabric itself not so bright.

They will be going in through the wash this weekend after we get some more laundry detergent. Right now all we have is Woolite and while it would technically work for all my laundry washing needs, it's a little expensive to use all the time. The little birdie below was made with iron-on crayons initially (from this post). I went over some areas with some Crayola fabric markers, drew on more branches, and stamped on some leaves using parts of these. Everything was then heat set with my much-loved janky dumpster iron I got working as an apartment cleaner at CMU a couple years ago. It does not work for ironing clothing most times because it gets so hot and is so finicky about its controls, but it works great for crafting.

I also did another round of bleaching. I found all my tool tools (tiny embroidery hoop with little bird is still MIA) and used them to block off areas so the bleach spray couldn't reach the fabric. I did this in my bathtub to make clean-up simple. It also concentrated the bleach fumes, though, so if you try this yourself hopefully your bathroom has some sort of ventilation (mine has none) so you don't have to breathe chlorine fumes.



I liked the effect so much that I ransacked the kitchen drawers for more things that I thought would look neat. I really like the slotted spoon!

I'm also thinking about trying out some fabric marbling as suggested by Susan Purney Mark on her blog. I'm really enjoying all her tips and suggestions regarding stamping lately.


  1. That is teh awesomeness! I am getting so excited about all the little pieces!

  2. I was hoping you would enjoy the tools and kitchen implements. I wasn't quite sure, but I liked the idea of the tools so I ran with it anyway.


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