Saturday, August 29, 2009

Man, Seagulls are Dicks

I had a nice little distraction this afternoon. A gull came up to the apartment window, harassed the parrots for a few minutes, turned over some dishes (looking for something to eat?) and then proceeded to walk up and down the sidewalk a few times, looking like he was the owner of everything. The only gull experience I've had is that they all congregate in the field for easy eats when we tilled, disced or mowed the fields back home. My conservation biologist friend informs me that gulls are the dicks of the bird kingdom. After what I witnesses this afternoon, I definitely believe her.

What could that be making all that awful noise and making the birds so angry? Is that a duck? I can't quite see the head but it's got webbed feet and is kind of fat.

No, it's no duck. It's a... seagull!? Why is it antagonizing the parrots while I'm standing right here in front of the window?

Looking awfully satisfied with himself, walking up and down the sidewalk bobbing his head and generally appearing as if he was the boss of everything.

Mr. Gull sauntering away to the back yard (and subsequently the Bay) after harassing the parrots and upending some dishes.

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