Saturday, August 22, 2009


We are now relocated and (mostly) all moved in. Job hunting has been in full swing for a while. Corey has landed a position at a Borders with possible management potential, but all I've gotten so far is that no one's hiring until mid-September. I am really loving being here by the bay, though. I've been fighting with the internet/computer all day in order to get these pics posted. I have been doing some sewing and embroidering, nut I seem to have not taken any pics of those so I'll have to do so and update you on that later. In the meantime, here's some fun things about our new home.

There is a head on a pike at the end of our pier. It was left here by the previous inhabitants of the house. I am told they were a couple of young college guys who had parties a lot.

A really gross, big dead carp washed up onto the pier one afternoon. Being the landlocked people that we are (with the exception of V, Corey's mom, who grew up on the bay) we pulled it out and put it in the trash. Nice neighbor, M, who has lived in the house he's in for his entire life, told us the next time it happens that we should toss it off the end of the pier so the crabs can eat it instead of it stinking up the whole neighborhood for almost a week.

This is the house, taken from a chair at the end of the pier. This place is pretty awesome.

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