Monday, September 21, 2009


That was my morning battlecry one day not so long ago. Right before RAAAA CURTAINS and after OMG BIRD WHY ARE YOU SO LOUD TODAY. Cranky old man Bird decided we didn't get to sleep past 7am, but I still love him in all his half naked fluffiness and I got a lot done. Going through your day with a battlecry to shout whenever you feel like it is a great way to make the day more fun and entertaining. I highly recommend it, even if your battlecry is only RAAAA LAUNDRY or RAAAA GROCERIES.

I do work at a bookstore now, and as such get a nice discount on anything I buy from the store or order. But let's face it, I'm probably not going to get so much use out of the books to warrant purchasing them and having them around all the time. I freecycled a LOT of books when we moved to MD from MO recently. Milkcrates full. I liked them, but I just did not need them around all the time and moving them with us was not an option. Moving with a 16 foot truck gave us a chance, and some real motivation, to put our possessions into perspective of what we really needed or wanted and what we didn't. I know the books are now being used and enjoyed by other people, but I could have saved myself a pretty piece of change if I had just used the library more or borrowed from friends.

I came home with awesome loot from the local library "raid", 6 books in total though I really wanted to bring home more than that. This library seems to be pretty hip in the realm of craft books, which was where I spent my time after locating the Gabriel García Marquez books. This gives me hope that they will also have some of the homesteading and green/off the grid living books I've been wanting to read for a while. Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, Linen, Wool, Cotton, Patchwork Style, and Socks from the Toe Up were some that I thought about checking out, but in the end I came home with these:

Operation RAAAAA LIBRARY loot from the bottom up:

Experimental Textiles has some very inspiring photos of textile art and I plan to try to work some more of the things I've seen here into my sister's wedding quilt, which I will be working on more today and posting updates about.

Paper Yarn was picked up on whim at the last minute as I thought maybe it would have some information about making my own yarn using paper. No such luck on that front, but it does have some visually interesting and creative uses for a product I thought was just for making pretty additions to gift wrapped packages.

I brought home Crochet Me because it has some great project ideas inside. It does have patterns, but most of what's inside is not written with adjustments to accommodate a plus sized body and I don't really want to spend a lot of time fiddling with fit and drape right now. I just wanted it for the ideas, like felted messenger bags worked in color block with cutouts to showcase the colors, pretty lace thigh highs tied up with ribbon, a tapestry crochet (something I haven't learned yet) circle rug, and some interesting jewelery made using thread and the tiniest of hooks.

Kids Learn to Knit
was also picked up on a whim. I've been asking people to show me how to knit off and on for years, but none of it seems to stick. The same was true of crochet and I finally learned that by looking at pictures on the Internet (spell check reminds me once again that Internet is a proper noun and I realize that yes it is, but I don't agree with having to capitalize the I all the time) so I figured a children's book about learning to knit would be just me speed. This book has photos of finished and in-progress objects, but the instructions are given in the simplest English and accompanied by illustrations instead of photos, which I find indescribably easier to understand. Plus, the little illustrated birds and mice helping you learn are just so darned cute!

I also got two fiction works by Gabriel García Marquez including One Hundred Years of Solitude and Collected Stories. I wanted to get one of them published in Spanish so I could practice my reading and comprehension, but once I got to the library I forgot to ask if they had either in the original Spanish as I got distracted by the many shelves of craft books.

RAAAA CURTAINS was also a successful endeavor as you can see below. That's the dining room in the house proper. The window with a partly open curtain has a view out into the bay, albeit along the side of the house with its unkempt flower beds, instead of the neighbor's house.

These were the curtains that I started way back here.
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