Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Artist Natalie Purschwitz is currently on Day 58 of a venture to wear only items she has made. While I am not ambitious enough to make my own handmade, aluminum shanked shoes, I would at some point like to be able to go at least 2 weeks wearing only natural fiber clothing I have made myself. I have been tossing around the idea of making my own undergarments and socks for quite a while now and, really, there is no good reason for me not to have at least tried making my own stockings by now.

I love this outfit. Lately I have been thinking about what I used to really enjoy doing when I was growing up and thinking maybe I missed the target a bit getting a music degree instead of pursuing something more art-based. The off-kilter-ness of some of her things look similar to a few I used to draw when I had notebooks full of clothing ideas. I think I may have an actual need for a shrug/cape similar to this. And the skirt is great, too. She makes things for her boutique, Hunt & Gather, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The price tags are way out of my league, not to mention also that the items in question are not available in my size, but maybe I can whip up something inspired by the above outfit using fabrics I already have? We'll see. I probably have enough going on already with the wedding quilt and 2009 handmade chain-letter gifts to finish up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wedding quilt update (8)

This is what I have done on the quilt so far. It's about 39 inches by 95 and I plan on making it square shaped.

Yay pink wrench!

I'm incorporating some patches I've collected over the years. All of them will be relating to some aspect of my relationship with my sister and our family.

I stuffed the underside of it so it would be puffy. I like it!

Some crocheted doo-dads are being added for embellishment and the "tails" couched into place by hand.

This one is made with red J&P Coats embroidery floss. I'm not sure that company exists anymore or if they even make embroidery floss if they do exist, but I have quite a few skeins of their floss.

I also made my first screen print! I chose a crow/raven image because they mate for life. I know in Cherokee heritage they are considered ill omens/harbingers of death but I have had some profound experiences throughout my life with these gorgeous and often misunderstood creatures.

Clearer image of the resultant print itself.

These are along the edge of a piece of canvas I dyed in a bucket back here.

I am not very happy with the color right now for what I intend to use this cloth for so it will be going through some sort of weathering/dying/distressing until I get it looking more like something I would actually wear. If she will have it, it will be turned into a shawl/lap blanket for someone I should have made it a point to hang out with more when I was still in STL.

I feel badly not having posted in so long. I haven't been working on the quilt for lack of space right now because I can't have the sewing machine in the house proper anymore. Long story. I tried explaining that I could attempt to make money (and probably be fairly successful at it, especially if I could find a local boutique or two to commission them with) making small, themed quilt art to help support the household, but did not get anything positive from the topic. So I will move my computer and set up the sewing machine on my desk for a while and see how that works with having to move things around depending if I'm using the sewing machine or computer. I don't have very high hopes for it working out, but I need to get some stuff done. We're actually planning on moving stuff around between the current bedroom and TV room, thus making the TV room the TV/bedroom and the current bedroom the socializing/working room. The socializing/working room also has the birds in it so it will be the room that gets heated.

Once we have everything moved around, there will be space enough to put in a table so that I can actually have a space to sew/paint/create and not be taking up any room in "shared" spaces or inconveniencing anyone who would have to look at a sewing machine or fabric. Walking around Ikea yesterday (a pretty neat place to get some well-designed things, even on a tiny budget) I fount that they sell legs for tables all by themselves. They also have a "Handyman's Corner" in the As-Is section of the store. Everything in the Handyman's Corner is 1/2 off the marked price (usually $3-$10) and tere were some decent sized pieces of wood laminate and other things I could assemble into a right nice craft space using a hammer and nails.
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