Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

foggy head, foggy weather

I woke up yesterday to weather that matched the way I felt. I think I'm battling some form of flu. I have everything but a fever; headache, body aches, respiratory issues, cough, tired, etc. I had been sick for a few days but hadn't admitted it to myself since there were lots of hours to work until I could have a day off on Tuesday. I called in sick on Monday. Couldn't even really talk then so I know shouting out numbers at the cutting counter would not have happened, let alone trying to sort out and troubleshoot people's sewing and crafting issues

There's a little peninsula over there, it's obscured by the fog, though.

The Bay is very pretty even covered in fog. These pics were taken shortly after noon yesterday since that's about the time I woke up. Since then it's been a steady intake of vitamin C, store brand Zicam equivalent zinc remedy, chicken soup and the magic concoction of equal parts honey, lemon juice concentrate and whiskey that is a hot toddy.

I feel a lot better than I did Monday. I can actually talk. The only lingering issues so far are cough, some chest congestion and milder body aches than I've had in a while. I'm thinking it's a good thing I'm only scheduled for 6 hours today. Tomorrow is another day off.

This was about a week ago. Corey's mom's housemate brought back the shepherd when she found it on a trip home to PA. She named it Gypsy and when they visited the vet found out the poor thing was pregnant on top of being ridiculously malnourished. She looked like a dead dog walking when she was brought here. A couple weeks of as much good dog food as she wanted, several walks a day and vet prescribed meds did wonders.Gypsy still looks really thin in this pic, but it's a lot better than when she first arrived. She was taken back to the farm in PA this past weekend when said housemate visited home again, but did not come back as she went into labor just before the trip back.

Not much has been happening on the crafting/creating front since I have been sick. I did, however, make up a quick pair of bloomers to wear under a skirt the other day when I forgot to do the laundry so I would have pants to wear to work. No pics because I was in a hurry when I made them (finished just in time to leave for work) and right now they are in the washing machine.

I did find out this morning, though, that Joy Tanner will be having a sale in her etsy shop on November 14 at 10am EST. I said I was not going to be spending money on any gifts this season and making them all myself instead, but just look at those pots. I'm particularly fond of this pair of tumblers. So much gorgeous texture and subtle color variance. *swoon* There is a decent variety in her shop's sale section as it is, but she says she will be adding a whole lot more to it on Saturday.
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