Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have imported all posts from little green chicken over here. I'll be posting a new painted and embroidered piece some time later this weekend and possibly a tutorial for making a lightweight cotton scarf also.

I found a neat little toy while stumbling around the net a couple days ago. You can find it here. Basically you doodle a little item and select the scribbler settings you wish and start it up. You can pause it whenever you like and change the qualities as well, either while it is going or while it is paused. I made the drawings included in this post using it. What do you think? When I look at them I see the possibilities for thread scribbles. Doodle a little thing on some cloth, put it in a hoop or frame and proceed to freehand doodle with various thread colors, fibers and thicknesses. I think I like the possibilities there.

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  1. Glad you stopped by my blog today! Thanks for the kind words about the mugs. I am really excited about them and, like you, wish they could be just like they are now. I love your quilt project, I have similar stashes of fabrics thinking one day I am going to make a quilt.... we have the bird thing in common too. There was a time I had a conure, an orange winged amazon, two canaries and a cockatiel. Then I had a kid and they had to go!


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