Thursday, January 21, 2010

name change

I am going to be changing my blog name. Little Green Chicken would be perfect if this were a blog about my life with the birds. But it is not a blog about my life with the birds and I do not want to make it that. My internet identity has been mangomerle for years and when I first started the whole blog thing I thought I wanted to keep it separate from everything else. I have since come to the conclusion that this is silly and I should just keep my name, especially since I share parts of me here in my crafts.

I will soon be changing the blog name to mangomerle and you will be able to access it at (it doesn't work yet so don't be upset please when you click through and it takes you nowhere)

Unknown bird; likely osprey or gull. Taken from the end of the pier at the house in Maryland. I recently picked up the free photo editing/organizing/etc program Picasa. It really is fun to play with the capabilities of the program (though I don't even pretend to know anything about what I'm doing with it yet) and get some pretty things like this.

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