Wednesday, February 24, 2010

love you, come home safe

Duncan is leaving on a 1 year deployment next week. They haven't even given one brother back yet before they're sending the other away, too. He had asked me to sew patches onto his new helmet cover a few weeks ago but one thing led to another and they were placed in my desk drawer, forgotten, until tonight when he handed me the cover and asked about them.

We couldn't find my black button thread so dark brown mercerized will have to do. He said if anyone important says anything about it he'll take a marker to them but that it's only barely perceptible even up close. This whole military thing is strange to me. I mean, I had a basic comprehension of things when I was in STL or Maryland. But now it has become much more prominent. Before I would think about it in passing while talking to family members and it always brought me down a bit to think of Derek all the way around the globe. But now it has forced itself to be a more intimate presence.

The patches are thick and not easy to stitch through, leaving me with a decent bit of time tonight to think about some things. And add some little somethings some people may think frivolous and others cute. I think they're necessary. And unless he makes his way to my blog here, he probably won't know about the paper one until it's time to replace the patches. Or maybe once it gets to that point he'll just buy a new helmet cover and patches again and he won't ever know about it. That's ok, I will.

I also had time to think of things like how much of my brothers' growing up I was away at college for. How similar Duncan is to Dad in philosophy and mannerisms. How little I actually know of Derek's hopes, dreams, personality, motivation and feelings. This must be rectified when he comes home this spring. Hopefully I can steal him for at least a week, if not more.

Duncan and Gramma, December 2009.
Hey, guys? I love you both very, very much. Come home safe.

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