Thursday, February 11, 2010

pretty red dirt and procrastination

I've been putting off posting again until I get that patch finished up and a scarf tutorial made. But I haven't yet finished the patch and haven't had the gumption to edit the tutorial. Instead I have been hanging out with family and birds and walking around outside getting to know the new neighborhood. Above is the first page of a fabric fat book I started last week. I was getting to know my freemotion foot a little better and used it for some cut out applique work. The blue is just torn strips from a moth-eaten silk blouse. I might make hearts the theme for the book. We'll see.

This is the comic book patch I've been working on. "Super Fridge Man and Sinkie vs. Evil Giant Glazed Ham" Corey drew it up for me when we were in MI in December. I've used my textile inks to paint in the block colors and am embroidering the outlines and details.

I was looking for possible dyestuffs while walking around the block. There's a lot of sumac and I like the color, but I don't know much about the plant so I don't know if it's something that everyone's allergic to or just me.

I also found a bunch of these things along the roadside. Not sure what they are exactly but I'd venture to say they're the remains of some type of puff fungus. I bet I could get a nice brown/grey dye out of them. I should probably also do some fungus research to find out if they are edible. If they are, I know where I can get a whole mess of them come summer.

This is the park I went to. I meant to swing on the swings and use the merry-go-round, but got distracted by all the lovely wild plants and dirt. Really, they have lovely dirt here. Look at all the pretty red!
Lots and lots of it. It's actually a lot redder than this photo would lead you to believe. The photo was taken fairly early in the morning and the sun was super bright so the colors are a little washed out. I am totally going to use some of this stuff to dye pieces of cotton or maybe even silk.

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  1. Love the Fabric Book! It is gorgeous!!!I don't know how big it is, but I would want to make that square into a pretty pillow.

    Ah, ha! That's where the Evil Giant Glazed Ham stip went! I was looking for it on my quilt but couldn't find it.


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