Thursday, May 27, 2010

I wanna go back to my home up north

I am a heat wimp. I can handle just about all the cold thrown my way, with reasonable accommodations, but give me an 85F day and I have no idea what to do with myself. I've been conning Corey into doing the yard work lately by doing the laundry and washing the dishes so he doesn't have to. That way I don't have to put on the strongest sunscreen I can find in addition to at least two layers of long clothing trying to not get hives from my sun allergy. Summer is really not my favorite-est of seasons. Don't get me wrong, I love going for evening walks before the mosquitoes get bad, cooking out on the grill, planting a garden and growing food, foraging for wild edibles, swimming, etc. are all great and awesome things. Swimming and growing food are two especially I enjoy. I just really don't like having hives, feeling like my eyes are on fire, or sweating while clothed.

Pics below were taken the week before Duncan's deployment while family were here visiting, before the wild scramble to move into a house from the apartment. Plus side of now having a house instead of an apartment is now when he comes home he can get a dog. He really wants a dog. We'll take him to the pound on base when he gets here and I'll be looking through Petfinder before then to see if I can find anyone I think he'd like. I miss having Duncan here. Derek's here visiting, though, and we're off to have dinner with friends T&C and their adorable and awesome son.

Clockwise from top left: Duncan stole my hat, Corey and Tip at hotel on post, Dad and Leroy playing giant checkers, Dad and Duncan playing with Tip, crayon play with friends' kid, Gramma and Leroy playing peg game, Mom talking and me sewing more on that butterfly block

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