Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sashiko Stitch-Along 1

I have not been following the Sashiko tutorial (see the photo link there on the top of the right sidebar?) and posting my progress along with everyone else so far. I have been busy elsewhere in the realm of creating. I am going to be announcing the opening of my own Etsy front very soon (I'd say withing two weeks at the most) and have been working on things for that; which I will be showing a few pics of soon.I  finally got started on my sashiko today and below are the pics so far. I'll basically be live-blogging throughout today (and possibly into tomorrow) as I complete each step so stay tuned!

This is my pattern printed onto tracing paper. Why tracing paper? Well, I did not have any interfacing at all when I first started; thought I did, but no. It was all wonder under style fusible web. I forget just what brand (it is not wonder under) I have, but I have about 3/4 of a roll of it plus another whole bolt that was given to me by a spice shop coworker years ago. Because I did not have interfacing, I was going to use a gluestick to attach the tracing paper to the back of my material and just stitch through that because I am trying not to purchase additional craft patterns and supplies unless I know that it will be important in multiple projects. There are several items I would like to make that would require a lightweight interfacing, however, and as Corey pointed out, I have been needing to buy some for a while because I keep putting off making these things. The pattern I have chosen to stitch is not in the least a traditional sashiko and it is not the one pictured because I would have had to purchase a pattern that I honestly do not see myself reusing very much if at all. I forget what this kind of geometric pattern is called; there is a specific name for it, though. It is all straight lines, but the intersections and varying widths between them give the illusion of curves.

Here I have taped down a piece of interfacing above the printed pattern and begun tracing. I used a Prismacolor art marker for this because of their permanence; I have had Sharpie markers inexplicably bleed on me when I have wetted the item I used them on. The lines are red because that was the first marker I found.

All the lines are traced and now its ready to be ironed to the back of my material!

I used a press cloth on top of the fusible interfacing out of habit. My old iron had temperature issues and get really really hot sometimes so a press cloth was imperative to prevent melting synthetics (like the interfacing) and to provide a barrier between the facepalte and the fabric because of all the melted-on schmutz. My new iron does not have either of these problems, but I still use a press cloth whenever synthetics are concerned. The new iron's steam-producing capabilities also came in handy for helping the layers heat through and the glue to adhere to the fabric really well.

Now on to Step 2 of the instructions!

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