Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sashiko Stitch-Along 2

It is not fun at all, actually. These are a few of the crappy pics I ended up with trying to document progress on the sashiko project. The glue that melts on the backside of the interfacing to bond it to the fabric bounces light almost like a mirror. regardless of my inability to photograph interfacing well, I have finished Step 2 of the sashiko tutorial.

Starting the stitches!

Coming up exactly in the center of the corner; had to redo some stitched here and remeasure stitch lengths in order to make it happen like it was supposed to.

Loops are left in corners to prevent puckering of the fabric later on.

Corner where it all starts is same corner where it all ends. This shows what you do with the thread tails to secure things.

This is what the front looks like with the frame all stitched!

Now time for Step 3 of the tutorial!

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