Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sashiko Tutorial Follow-Along Participation

Still waiting on the first email delivery of tutorial instructions and gathering all relevant materials, but I am participating in Sashiko Stitchers tutorial and stitch-along. There are several other individuals who are also participating (Theresa, Patchworkrose, Jenni, Lis, Dot, and I'm sure there are others). I've been looking into sashiko a bit for several months now, but have not yet tried it out so this should be fun. I'm also looking forward to seeing what the other participants make.

-22x16 inch piece of 100% cotton, navy or indigo blue (mine will not be blue, but the spirit of sashiko is partly in using what you have available)
-12x18 inch white fusible interfacing (not sure I have this or not; if not I will be figuring out a substitute)
-#5 perle cotton thread or sashiko thread (this is also probably something I will make a substitution for as I do not normally have perle cotton in my regular supplies)
- thimble (check!)
- seed beads and bead needle (check! though I would need to actually find them to be able to use them)
- scissors, iron, ruler, dark colored fabric marker (check! for the first three and I'm sure fine tipped art marker would suffice for the fabric marker; it's not water-soluble and that's the primary issue, right? right)

This is what the site says:


Beginning July 14, 2010

NEW: We are beginning an online project to teach sashiko stitching. This is an absolute beginners tutorial, but will be enjoyable for any skill level. We will walk you through making an 11 x 17 inch sashiko stitched project called dragonfly over diamond waves. The tutorial is free. The starting date is July 14, 2010. The tutorial will be delivered through our Sashiko Stitchers newsletter and will include step by step how to, along with interesting history and tidbits about sashiko. Register by signing up for our newsletter at or by emailing me

If you are at all interested or curious about sashiko, check out some of the links. If you enjoy sewing or stitching and would like a smaller project or a toe-dipping experience with another style of stitching, I'd encourage you to go sign up and stitch along with us, too!


  1. Hi DK, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I tried to reply but you are set to "no-reply".

    I'm excited to start this sashiko stitching. I too have been interested in it for quite a long time but never got around to having a go. I got my supplies yesterday (just in time). This morning I have woken to find my first email regarding this. I know what I'll be working on today. :o)

  2. I'm sorry! I have no idea how or why it's set to no reply :( I haven't gotten to start on mine yet, but have most of today to myself after the housechores. So I'm hoping to be able to start soon!

  3. Hope you've been able to start your sashiko. :o) I started on mine last night. It goes quickly and it's a very pleasant stitch whilst watching tv.

    I didn't know anything about the "no-reply" stuff either until Chookyblue pointed it out to me. If you go to her blog and look down the left side, she has a section called "How bits". Near the bottom of the list you will see "Change from "NO REPLY"". You should be able to change your setting. I didn't even know there was such a thing and that one should change it. LOL! Anyway, she's a really nice lady with lots of helpful bloggy tips. Her blog is here

    Hope that helps. (smile)


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