Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Close, but not quite there yet.

soon, soon, very soon (!)

Long day of photographing, photo editing and cropping, playing dress up to photograph items in use and writing product descriptions.Today was sewing supplies and vintage buttons. Tomorrow is my own handmade beads and buttons, vintage textiles and possibly my own hand dyed textiles if there is time. As soon as I am officially open for business I will place a link in an announcement post and a widget on my sidebar. Along with the aforementioned giveaway information, of course.

Soon. Very soon, indeed. *narrows eyes and grins wickedly* And now it's time for either a little WoW or movie watching with Corey.

omg dress-up is fun!
please disregard the pallor; photosensitivity tends to have that effect on people


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