Saturday, August 7, 2010

dyestuffs walk

little red toad at the front door

Took a walk around out back and through an empty lot nearby this afternoon looking for dyestuffs. I found some promising things and got a better idea of the flora and fauna in the area. I have not been outside much this summer because my photosensitivity seems to have gotten much worse this year than in the past. This may because of a more southerly location and thus more direct sunlight then I have experienced previously. This little walk occurred around 5pm and lasted for about 30-40 minutes mostly out of direct sun; I am still itchy all over with tiny welts and this doesn't even take into account the mosquito bites from disturbing the tall grass. Ack. I still refuse to live in a cave, though. Outside is just too awesome.

Enjoy these photos; I'm off to hang out with a very cool 3 year old and do something fun with some sycamore leaves I picked earlier.

watered the garden and got LOTS of little blue butterflies and honeybees looking for a cool drink

don't know what kind of tree this was from, but it still means serious business even after death

these poke berries should be ready for picking and dye/ink making in a week or so (just FYI, they are poisonous to eat, so DON'T EAT IT)

found a pear tree on the abandoned lot; now to make a pear-picking stick

hornet, beetle, butterfly eating overripe pear on tree

these poke berries are ready for making dye/ink! (still poisonous, DO NOT EAT)

been looking for some mimosa tree branches/leaves within reach; found at the edge of the empty lot

also found at edge of empty lot: mahogany wasp gathering or killing something; couldn't tell which (photo is also cropped a LOT because I didn't want to get too close; those things are notoriously evil)

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