Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hooray! First Zucchini!

This was actually picked a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to post the picture then. There has been a war going on involving several types of cucurbit pests, including Japanese beetles, vine borers, and cucumber beetles. Most recently I donned the big, black, chemical-resistant gloves to pluck and crush approximately 30 fully-grown squash bugs and man, oh, man do they stink when you kill them that way! It was like instant fly bait, too, and I have never before experienced flies congregating so quickly. I would have started killing them before they got so plentiful on my 4 little plants, but I didn't know what they were; I thought they were just stink bugs. I dealt with the flies as I still had innumerable just-hatched squash bugs to crush and about 15 patches of eggs to cut out of the undersides of the zucchini leaves. Squash borers did claim the one plant I found out as I was annihilating the squash bugs and that plant was culled to save the others from possible infestation. Hopefully now the squash bugs are under control and the plants can start producing more blossoms and more fruits. I would love to be able to freeze several batches of shredded squash for zucchini bread come winter time.


  1. Impressive. I've always wanted a garden but city living doesn't allow. The bugs make me think twice though ;) Enjoy all your fresh produce!

  2. HOOOOORAY!!! I'm SO excited for you!


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