Wednesday, August 18, 2010

rain day

rainy but green and finally not ridiculously warm

Woke up early this morning to a rain day. Not good for outside picture taking, but a great day for recentering, gathering some floating thoughts and some materials from the outdoors and making things. Great day for slow cooking that entire pound of chickpeas Corey started yesterday, too! Not that I'm opposed to having an entire 1 pound bag of them cooked up, just that my crock pot only holds 8 cups total and in order to cook a pound of chickpeas is takes at least 8 cups of water alone, not including the volume of the beans and how much thay will expand when cooked. Haha. This week's Recipe Friday will be a hummus or curried chickpea recipe.

I know a lot of the posts lately have been all Etsy, Etsy, blah, products, blah, blah, shop, shop, Etsy, blah, blah, Etsy, shop, etc. I promise it will not be like that here all the time. I have been spending so much of my energy lately learning what I need to do to get an Etsy shop up and running and figuring out what I like making that might sell, I haven't had time for much else.

The concrete slab out back that I guess is supposed to be a patio is a mess of buckets, water hose, clothes hangers and pins from drying clothes outside, plastic containers repurposed for drip irrigation, boards and sticks I've been cutting bits off of for various purposes, and pots of dead plants that finally succumbed to the stresses all these bugs have been putting them through. That's the zucchini plants there in the middle tub in the photo below. I gave up trying to kill all the bugs after I got the second squash of the season off the plants and saw that all of the remaining plants had been infested with squash borers again. Sad times, but now I can pull the dead and plant something else, preferably something completely unrelated to squash to keep disease vectors to a minimum. Like a tub full of basil or maybe I'll wait until the weather cools slightly and do a fall spinach planting. Possibly beets since I have some beat seed strips that need planting before they all go bad. Honestly, though, as much as I really love pesto, a tub full of basil sounds marvelous!

The stevia  (L) is in need of harvesting and the tomatillos are still going like gangbusters.

I have, sadly, not made any more progress on my sashiko tutorial project even though it has been added to the small pile of unfinished things I have been slowly chipping away at over the last few weeks. I've gotten some more dying done. The shawl I have in the shop currently was, not even two weeks ago, just a light green remnant of silk decorator fabric and an idea I've been meaning to finish up for months now. I even have the results of my first foray into rust printing (see photos below) and I love it! Steel can lids made great prints on both the organic cotton I wrapped them in as well as the silk remnant strip I experimented with. More rusty bits and bobs were collected during a brief walk down the local thoroughfare when we went to Sonic for dinner a couple days ago when I was too shop-opening-focused to bother cooking. I've also been chipping away at the hand stitching on that butterfly block again in little bits of time when I need to slow down my thoughts; hard to think that I started it nearly two whole years go now.

rust printing; silk strip above, 1/2 yard organic cotton muslin below

details of rust printing on silk strip

details of rust printing on organic cotton muslin

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