Thursday, August 26, 2010

Through the Woods and *then* Over the River

Misty morning trees at a nearby, building-less lot.

Corey has a little over a week off work and we're packing up and going on a road trip. It's the closest thing to a vacation we've had since before I graduated UMSL in 2005. We'll be headed through the woods of the absolutely gorgeous, I-could-die-and-melt-into-the-trees-right-now-and-not-even-care Huron National Forest to visit my family as my brother Duncan is home on R&R at our parents' place in MI. Then we'll  be headed across the Mississippi River to visit part of Corey's family as his brother and his brother's wife are recently back in MO for a bit after living in Europe for a couple of years.

After two whole years of no camping, hiking or any other super outdoorsy activities for this country girl, an Au Sable River float trip with almost all of my MI genetic and extended family sounds pretty darned amazing. There's also the option of camping once we get to MO, but I'm not sure yet if I want to do that or bum around the Lou for a few days instead. I miss that city so. Every time I leave, it draws me back. And for many reasons. Not the least of which being that it is where I did most of my actual growing up and becoming myself with amazingly vibrant, loving and supportive individuals for friends, colleagues and mentors.

I'm working on a couple posts for auto-publish while I'm away so this space shouldn't be silent unless I mess something up on the auto-publishing front, which is entirely possible but I'll do my best. The shop will also remain open while I am gone with the announcement that I will be responding to convos, shipping sold items and listing more goodies upon our return after the 7th.

Much love and I hope you all have a great weekend and following week!

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