Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back from Vacation and a Ceramics Giveaway as well as Sale

We're back from our whirlwind, multi-state vacation. Actually we got in around 3am Tuesday, but I've been too tired to do much besides catch up on laundry, wash dishes and sleep. Although eating a waffle cone gelato and going through the inevitable extended discomfort of taunting not one, but two dietary intolerances shortly before the ride home was definitely a contributing factor to the lethargy and general malaise. We drove over 3k miles in a little over a week and stayed in STL much later than we had planned in order to see a couple of very dear friends for at least a few minutes before we left.

One of this pair of friends has recently started a new shooting blog. If you're at all interested in guns, shooting, self defense, general survival gear or related information then go follow or subscribe to his blog, To Keep and Bear. I know it may not seem like it from most of my posts, but I grew up in a suburban farm setting as well as frequently visiting the very rural family farm up north - nearest neighbor at the time was close to a mile away - and enjoy learning more about firearms, especially in the straight-forward, conversational writing style at To Keep and Bear.

Steph, your earrings should be in the post later this weekend once I get bills straightened out and get to the post office.

I came across a neat little ceramics giveaway of Gene Speicher Pottery from Francesville, Indiana hosted by little Indiana. It's no secret here that I love ceramics and if I could do only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be clay. My apologies to all my music and band friends, but if I had found pottery and ceramics before I did music, I doubt I would have ever been in band. I especially love the look and feel of bare clay in functional vessels and the bowl pictured in the giveaway has a very nice 'glaze-scape' going on. Go enter the giveaway for yourself.

I also came across a nice Clay and Blog sale via Tracy Broom's lovely blog. Very nice work at pretty reasonable prices all in all for the work that goes into them.  Tracy has a Chatham House piece listed in the sale for $65 and another potter whose blog I follow regularly, Hannah McAndrew, has a gorgeous sliptrailed baluster jug there for $232. The jug is way out of my price range, but there are also some very nice bowls and things available for less than $50.

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