Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to the Buckets

Now that the whirlwind multistate 'vacation' is done and I've recovered from my ill-advised food and sleep decisions from the week's adventures, it is high time to dive back into job hunting and crafting/making.

With regards to job hunting, I have recently applied for multiple positions with the county school system for everything from substitute positions of janitor, teacher, bus and lunchroom monitor to secretarial assistant, full time classroom assistant and assistant choir director. I'd very much like to land that last one but know my chances are probably very slight given that I do not have any classroom certifications yet. I know many people who wouldn't even think about applying to a janitorial position, but you know what? I've done janitorial before and it really is no big deal, much better than cashiering at a store where the meat department neglects to package and wrap items to prevent leakage.  And even though it's in a public school, I don't imagine it would ever be much worse than some of the apartments I had to clean when I did summer janitorial at CMU.

With regards to crafting and making, I now have a homemade drop spindle to make fabric yarns with. Now I can use all of those weird fiber fabric bits I have been collecting and make some pretty yarns. Huzzah! I'm also back to the dyeing with the bucket of walnuts I gathered all fermented nicely after being left to soak for the duration of the entire trip. I got out the crock and did up some yellow onion skin dye last night and earlier last week I did some experiments with marigolds which left me wanting more marigold blossoms. I didn't plant any of those this year so I'll have to hunt some out somewhere I suppose. I also have some red onion skins to play with and have some rusted things going. I'll see about posting pics of them all alter today once they get dyed and dried.

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  1. You're thinking of this backwards. You are WAY more likely to land the Assistant Choir director job. There are many people who are qualified clean and very few who can play/read/teach music. Go for it.
    Follow up. Find the choir teacher. Ask him/her if they would discuss the position with you.
    Get it!!!!!


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