Friday, September 3, 2010

Beautiful Feed Sacks

from Primrose Design feedsack gallery

Sarai has a wonderful post over at the Colette Patterns blog about feed sacks. I posted some of my paternal great-grandmother's handstitching a little while ago and a lot of what I showed in those posts was made with fabric from feed sacks. Sarai's first paragraph touches on several sentiments I share regarding these textiles and their era of adversity:

"The feedsack dress is one of those objects indelibly linked in our minds to rural life in 1930s America. While I often feel conflicted about the glamorization of this difficult period and place, there is no denying that the feedsack dress represents some of the most uplifting and hopeful aspects of craft: creating something from nothing, and the desire for color and beauty even in the grittiest of circumstances."
Go check out the entire post for more photos and some history and gallery links for your viewing and reading pleasure. Collette patterns is also home to beautiful women's clothing patterns as well as lovely and easy to follow How-To's.

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