Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Renate Hiller 'On Handwork'

Craftzine posted this video of Renate Hiller (co-director of the Fiber Craft Studio at the Threefold Educational Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY) talking about the importance of handmade and handwork's relevance to our modern existence. It may be a couple more days before there is a whole lot more going on here as I am in the midst of some kind of awful cold that seems to have migrated almost entirely to my chest and lungs. Highly unpleasant to say the least. All I've managed to do today is a few loads of laundry and crocheting a couple of new acrylic yarn dish scrubbers. I do have information and photos to share regarding rust dying and a few different yellows/golds I have managed with local natural dye plants. I have embedded the video from YouTube below. Regardless of your own spiritual or religious views, the spirals she talks about are unarguably important aspects and symbols of many, many spiritual and religious paths. I agree with what she has to say in this video; at the very least I know I feel much more grounded and, somehow, more human when I have participated in some sort of handwork in any given day.

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