Friday, September 17, 2010

W00T! I won!

Sorry for no recipe Friday posts the last couple weeks. There hasn't been much recipe-like cooking going on here lately, just throwing some things in the rice cooker or getting out the Foreman Grill for chicken and that's pretty much it. I have plans for some awesome vegan, gluten-free cheesy snack crackers this weekend at some point. 

I just placed an order on for a laundry drying rack and a digital kitchen scale. Woo! This may not seem very exciting to you, but both of these items have been on my "Wants" list for a very long time and I have been unable to justify actually purchasing them as they weren't really 'necessary'. Well, Heather from Acting Balanced blog came to the rescue with her CSN Stores $45 gift certificate giveaway. She drew my comment as the random winner and I received an electronic certificate in my inbox shortly thereafter with instructions for use. Go to site, fill out delivery and payment info, decide what you want, complete transaction, wait for delivery of items. Super simple. I paid $4.89 total for shipping and both items should arrive by the first week in October at the latest, next week at the soonest. I'm psyched!

Escali Primo Digital Scale in Aruba Blue

That's the color I ordered it in. It's called Aruba Blue and I love it. Bright, cheery, blue but not overly masculine. It was either that or pink and Corey vetoed pink in a hurry. The kitchen scale will allow me to more accurately measure ingredients for baking (weight is always more reliable than volume in baking) and also try out a bunch of awesome recipes from some sweet Aussie blogs I subscribe to. It will also allow me to make soap in the near future. How cool will it be to give people handmade soap for gifts and say that I made it for them? Super cool, I think. I've been curious about making m own soap since high school, but it isn't like playing with oils and lye and water is something parents just can't wait to have their children doing, you know? I'm sure had I asked something could have been arranged, but I never felt like bothering my parents for unnecessary things like that. I was raised in a very frugal family on an extraordinarily tight budget. Being in school band as well as having the privilege of being in the Flint Institute of Music's Jazz Ensemble was pretty awesome and not exactly inexpensive by my family's standards.

I have been wanting a laundry drying rack since I lived in the dorms, but seeing as prices generally start around $15-20 for even a simple wooden one I have put it off hoping to come across one at a thrift store for cheaper. See, I can hang laundry from hangers on the shower rod or draped over the back of chairs and other furniture to dry them without a clothes dryer. It's really a matter of principles than the matter of necessity it was in the dorms and not having enough coins to both wash and dry my clothes. We do have both a washing machine and a dryer, but I would rather air dry for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that clothes last longer if they aren't subjected to the heat and constant motion of a clothes dryer and second that the clothes dryer uses a lot of energy. It's much more economically and environmentally sensible for me to air dry indoors or line dry outside in the sun. Plus when I dry things outside, the sunlight helps get rid of stains and sterilize things.


  1. My grandparents made soap. They taught me how when I was little. It is so weird that my friends are getting into stuff that I took for granted as a kid. Tom is making wine... you're into soap. I wish I lived in a more rural area. I would start growing some grapes from my Grandparent's vinyard, get some lye (for the soap) and put you guys to work.
    It is just about "grape harvesting season". I would love to be having a bonfire right now after a long day of grape picking.


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