Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogtoberfest and Hang 'em Dry Challenge Wrap Up

tiny, gorgeous moss growing on rocks at Forest Park, St Louis, MO

It is the end of the month and subsequently the end of the two challenges I participated in this month. I did not do as well on the blogging one as I did on the laundry one. The clothes dryer was in operation approximately 8 hours for the entirety of the month, not bad when I figure that our dryer normally takes over an hour per load to get things dry by itself, 1.5 hours if it's towels or sheets. At 2-4 loads of laundry per week, that time adds up fast. If I used the dryer for all of the drying I'd end up with an average of about 5 hours of drying time per week or 20 hours per month. That's 12 hours less drying time per month and, since my dryer is not energy efficient, a nice bit of savings on our electric bill. I will definitely be continuing the air drying for most all laundry done. The exceptions will be bedding because it takes way too long to dry without a proper outdoor clothesline (which is not an option in our treeless yard) as well as any clothing items that need to be washed and ready to wear ASAP for work or anything like that.

I missed 10 days of October for blogging, fully one third of the month, despite having a total of 25 posts. I am not necessarily unhappy about the blogging I have done, but I do not believe I will be participating in any similar blogging-type challenges in the future. I think the content in some of my posts this month was lacking and I'd rather just not post for a few days and have something pretty or interesting to show you rather than a bunch of DIY type links without having made even one of the items or crafts linked myself. That said, I have been crafting, just nothing very exciting or picturesque. To illustrate this ststement, I've got a couple of lists going on below.

Crafty and creative things in various stages of completion around here that are not really all that photogenic or just weren't photographed for a variety of reasons: 
~recycling large cardboard boxes into small packages for mailing Etsy orders
~wrapping rusted metal pieces up in an old pink shirt for rust dying
~tying knots in ropes for bird toys
~fishing dead and dying wasps out of the walnut dye bucket/vat
~dying bits and pieces with said vat
~collecting onion skins for dying
~painting fabric with the 3 year old (I don't have paper paints, only fabric ones, so all the paint-type art projects I do with him are on fabric and I need to figure out what to do with them all at some point)
~pumpkin carving with the 3 year old
~roasting seeds from all the pumpkins carved and eaten recently
~making dog lead/leash (I do plan on making a tutorial for this one)
~ongoing cleaning and reorganization of crafting and sewing space and supplies
~more hexagon making and attaching
~endless dishes from cooking and baking and making up recipes (multiple Recipe Friday posts in the making)
~making another batch of homemade laundry detergent

Things that I would like to be doing and photographing but haven't had time for recently: ~collecting colorful leaves and berries before it is no longer autumn and they all turn brown and icky
~wrapping up fabric bundles with said collected items and steaming them to dye the fabric
~cutting wood pieces and boards and clamping fabric between them to do some itajime dying
~sorting fabric stash according to fiber content and weight so I can take stock of what is left and use it for holiday gifts
~making a couple of wigs with the duffle bag of yarns I have (to be added to my soon-to-be-started costume collection)
~making quilt tops for siblings' holiday gifts
~writing up and sharing my recipe and method for making hot Chai tea at home (listed because my fingers are cold right now and it sure would be nice to wrap my hands around a cup of steamy, fragrant tea)
~walking through what passes for woods around here to see what I can find
~harvesting some of the bright red sumac berries I see ready in a couple of places and using them for dying

I suppose since I have started taking this blogging thing seriously, I need to start taking the planning and creating of posts part more seriously as well and begin scheduling a month or so of posts in advance. Kinda like scheduling study, library, homework, research and test time for school work I guess. I think that's what I'll do today before raid time. We are so close to downing The Lich King I can hardly wait until raid. Also, the Hallow's Eve event is one of my favorites in-game. The screen shot below is part of the reason for this. Fighting evil treants as a skeleton? Awesome. Plus battling Headless Horseman and costumed players everywhere you turn.

Right now, however, I am still very tired and cold and in need of a little more sleep after waking up at 5 with Corey and the dog. I will also have a post with pics of the costume later today once Corey's home and can take them for me.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wings, check

Finished wings; just need snap attachments added.

Wings are all cut and stitched together. Color layer order ended up being reversed due to amounts of fabric available and fabric weights. The black is a really heavy polyester and would not have worked as top layer over the mid-weight light color and super lightweight lining fabric of the medium color. I am not finishing any edges on these. If they fray, they fray. I may go back over the edges later on with free-motion stitching to make sure they don't fray into oblivion, but the overall effect I'm going for is a little raggedy. I need to sew on some snaps so I can attach them to a grey cardigan sweater to wear over the slip tonight. Next up: making and attaching feather shapes to the slip. I figure if I don't get to the beak-making part that isn't so bad since I have some vibrant yellow eyeshadow I can can use on my schnoz instead.

Some during the making of shots.

My Totally Last-Minute Costume

Costume sketch for female Hoots (forgot to draw in alto sax), October 2010.

My costume is totally last minute this year. I’ve been waffling between zombie, vampire, Mad Hatter, pirate, and ghost. And at this point you’re probably thinking wow, indecisive much? This morning I woke up with the idea to be an owl and a plan to make my costume using an old slip and bits from my fabric and scraps stashes. Totally free and recycling. Awesome. Now I just need to get my bum in gear to clear out the sewing machine and get on with the snipping and stitching.

That pic above is a scan from one of my always-nearby sketch and idea notebooks. Drawing took maybe about 5 minutes after I woke up so it's really sloppy and not particularly detailed. I foresee the sewing and crafting area being a certifiable disaster afterward, but my costume will (hopefully) be totally rockin'! 'Cause the plan is for not just any owl, but a feminine version of my favorite Sesame Street character, Hoots. I haven't had the sax out in a while, but I still know my way around a concert E flat blues scale no problem.

Here's one of my favorite Hoots appearances. Enjoy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Minute Halloween Links

Halloween Paper Bag Bowls * via the long thread
Strongman Costume via the Craftzine blog
Altered Footwear * via the Craftzine blog
Lady Gaga Hair Bow (pdf) via Savers and Value Village (other easy costume ideas and how-to's there as well)
Lady Gaga Red Lace by scoochmaroo on Instructables
Lady Gaga Red Body Suit by Carleyy on Instructables *

Easy DIY Bat Costume
Mason Jar Lanterns *
Instant Ghost Costume via Heartsong Fine Art (seriously really, really quick and easy and cheap)
Spooky Fabric Wall Art via The Graphics Fairy *
Zentangle Pumpkin via Chica and Jo * (lots and lots of very easy and kid-friendly projects)
Bats at the Door from Country Living (really cool effect!)

* denotes project featured in photo mosaic

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Zombie

She was named Ninja when we got her, but she is totally not a ninja. Not stealthy at all and, in fact, just about as much a klutz as me. As Corey said, "She reminds me more of a Beverly Hills Ninja then Shinobi." And she tripped on the curb when we took her to PetSmart to pick out toys. Twice. Both entering the store and exiting. There was no deliberation that went into calling her Zombie, though. The first time I raised my voice to tell her and a friend's dog to settle down I called her Zombie instead of Ninja by accident. We call her Z for short.

*nose smooches*

Snoozin' on the kitchen floor.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waldo Hat

While I was in St Louis this last time, a friend was lamenting that she had not been able to find the right hat for her Halloween costume yet. I asked what kind of hat she was looking for and was informed that she was looking for a Waldo hat, as in Where's Waldo. I immediately said that I could make her one and promised it would arrive in time for Halloween. So this weekend I improvised a pattern  for the two-colored hat and made a fun pompom for the top. Below is a photo of me proudly wearing said hat outside the post office before mailing yesterday, courtesy of Corey and his new phone.  (I think he secretly left his old phone in the pocket of his dirty jeans and threw them in the laundry just so he'd have a reason to get a new phone.) I think he took it using some sort of effects thing or something but I'm not sure.

In other news, we made an addition to the household this weekend. We have adopted a lab mix who was rescued from an abusive situation by friends. She's fitting in pretty well and aside from a couple of easily-remedied dominance issues (namely pulling while walking and begging for food), she's great. Photos to come. I will also have that recipe write up from last week's Recipe Friday ready for you tomorrow.

My Review of Accordion Drying Rack in White and Natural

A while back I reported that I had won a giftcard for CSN Stores and used it to get a drying rack and a digital kitchen scale. I have since been asked by CSN Stores to review said items and below is my review for the drying rack, which I have been using to participate in Crunchy Chicken's Hang 'em Dry Challenge. (There's still a little time left in October and you could join the challenge here if you're interested. Better late than never and all that jazz.) The kitchen scale will follow in a few days. I also won another CSN giftcard from another giveaway and used it go get a heated perch for my old man bird and that review will be forthcoming in the near future as well once it gets cold and we start using it. 

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

  • Accordion Drying Rack
  • Combination of white and natural finish
  • Wood construction
  • Adjustable height
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Prevent snagging and slipping with a top shelf that's great for air drying sweaters
  • Can be use...

Great Little Drying Rack! Very Happy
By DK from Western KY on 10/24/2010
5out of 5
Pros: Easy to store, Simple Instructions, Easy to Use, Lightweight, Efficient
Best Uses: Travel, Home, Dorm, Keep In Laundry Room, Cleaning
Describe Yourself: Renter, Housekeeper
This is a great little drying rack. Lightweight, easy to use and store, no little plastic bits to break after a couple uses.

The only real con to it is that after a few uses and having set it outside for use to take advantage of breezes and sunlight, the joints start to loosen a bit and the unit begins to sway a little. It also doesn't do so well with multiple pairs of heavy denim work pants.

But these are in no way completely unexpected as it is made of wood and wood bends and warps with moisture and pressure. The bars on which laundry is hung, however, do have some sort of plastic coating to help prevent this from happening.

All in all a most excellent product at a great price!
set up outdoors
Tags: Picture of Product
in use outdoors
Tags: Using Product, Picture of Product

Friday, October 22, 2010

Recipe Friday: Savory Stuffed Sugar Pumpkin

Around this time of year here in the US, small sugar pumpkins are readily available and reasonable priced (mine was 67 cents per pound!) This is the recipe I said I'd made for you last Friday but was too sick and headache-y to write.  I am going to be making Recipe Friday a bi-weekly event. So no recipe tomorrow, but there will be one next Friday. Here are some ingredients from next week's recipe: honey, dried rosebuds, cream. Any guesses?

mmmm, gooey insides

Savory Stuffed Sugar Pumpkin

1 sugar pumpkin, ~3-6lbs.
~2-3 cups cheese(s), shredded or cubed (I cubed mine and used smoked Swiss/cheddar blend, sharp cheddar, and regular Swiss)
~2-3 cups shredded bread (day old and stale work wonderfully here)
herbs and seasonings of your choice (I used smoked paprika)
2-5 cloves of minced garlic or equivalent dried and powdered
2 eggs
~1/2-3/4 cup cream or half and half
salt and pepper

Happy Friday to You

Fridays are supposed to be recipe days around here. And I did make something for you. I just have one heck of a sinus headache and ridiculous cough and would much rather curl up and sleep. I made a baked sugar pumpkin filled with savory bread pudding and cheese. It's really good. And I did take photos. So I will get that post written up later this weekend for you with photos and step by step instructions. I really do need to make up a month or 2 of Recipe Friday posts and auto-schedule them so this doesn't happen.  Sorry.

In other news, I found someone else who is using rusted, rotted and naturally dyed fabrics for embroidery grounds. The piece below is an example of Lindsay Joy's work from her Flickr photostream, where she is known as forestine. I like it quite a lot. She also has costumes and process photos of dyeing, embroidery and the costume making. I love the various naturally dyed scarves and cloth bits, but that's pretty much a given, right? I wish I could get some of the pieces I have stashed outside to rot so well as some of hers, but I think in order to do that I would have to pay more attention to them and water daily or something like that instead of just letting nature do its thing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New (to me) Book Ordered

I first saw Barbara R. Call's  The Crafter's Devotional when I was working at a Borders in Maryland. I don't talk about working at the bookstore much because I was only there a few weeks and, well, it pretty much sucked. The only redeeming factor was that the place was filled with all manner of books and I got to learn about new authors, titles and genres every day while I tried to clean up several months' worth of neglected dusting and mis-shelving by other, non-temporary, employees. I just can't stand it when a retail workplace is not clean and orderly and have it on good standing that the place is still ridiculously filthy and unorganized under the same manager. But that is neither here nor there. On one of my evening cleaning and re-shelving sprees I found an attractive-looking, turquoise-colored hardcover shoved between unremarkable tomes of coin identification and baseball card collecting. It was far too pretty and non-stuffy looking to belong with the books about collecting things. I leafed through it and decided that I wanted to take it home with me, but I hadn't been an employee long enough for the employee book borrowing program to have kicked in yet and at ~$25 it was way too expensive for me even with the employee discount. So I re-shelved it where it rightly belonged with all the other bright and colorful craft books and added it to the ever-growing list of Books I Want to Own Some Day.

Yes, that is a real list I keep. At the very tippetyy-top of that list right now is India Flint's Eco Colour, but not all that farther down is Crafter's Devotional. Or, rather, it was. Until I decided how to spend a $10 Amazon gift card I recently received for participation in a Sharing Economy Study over at Latitude that is. I just ordered a used copy in like new condition for $4.90 plus shipping. Even if it is more worn that the seller states and isn't quite like new, that's a pretty stellar deal for a new hardcover book from my list to add to my personal library. I have absolutely nothing against used books or other media. Keeps it out of a landfill and costs less than new. Rockin'! I am totally looking forward to using this new book and sharing the projects I make using it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

y = -A((e^(-x/B) + e^(x/B))/2)+A = STL Edition of (Not Really) Wordless Wednesday

I'm back from St Louis and over the next few days will be catching up on responding to all the comments left here as well as Etsy conversations that I did not gt to at all over the weekend. The wedding was wonderful and I am so happy I got to see my friend (who I am convinced is one of the absolute best people on the face of the earth, for many reasons) get married and catch up with other good friends at the reception afterward. The photo above was taken on highway 64/40 westbound coming into the city. A few minutes before I took this while driving I had caught a glimpse of the archtop between two business buildings and gasped in surprise. Somehow I had not realized I was that close to my destination and was taken aback when I saw a sliver of the iconic structure. These short trips have made me miss the city more and more, but we have the beginnings of a plan to move back in 5-7 months or so. No offense, Fort Campbell, but I don't particularly like living here; you're kinda boring.

That equation in the post title came from my high school AP Calc class. We had to find real life applications for various functions and equations and my group had the Gateway Arch of St Louis. I do not recall now what most of those letters stood for or why. I can't really even tell you why I remember the equation 10 years later, but I can tell you that is an equation for a flattened catenary curve meaning it is thinner in the middle than the ends. This structural design basis for the symbol of my most beloved city also helps create the illusion that it is taller than it really is when observed from the ground. Isn't calculus fun!? Well, I think it is anyway, even if I don't remember even 1/2 of what I originally learned about it. I feel the same way about physics, too, and especially particle physics. So cool! I find the simultaneous simplicity of nature and multiplicity of solutions involved with equations a very attractive concept, but mostly I think I just like the rearranging of things from side to side to solve for variables and the fact that you can do whatever you want to them as long as you do it to both sides and it's still all perfectly balanced and, oh, did I mention they can be used to make drawings, too? Holy crap is that ever awesome! I <3 Math. I'll stop babbling now and let you see more pictures.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Love Links: Jewelry from my Wists

Continuing a series wherein a share from my extensive bookmarks, Wists and StumbleUpon favorites.


Crop circles XL two tone hoops - E191 from noracatherine on Etsy

Yasha Butler Turquoise Tinted Porcelain Earrings from Tilde Shop


Rusty Orange Tulip Blossom Copper Vintage Style Earrings from ForTheCrossJewelry on Etsy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Care Package Tetris

Back in February I made a short post about one of my brother's deployment overseas. Duncan's been home for R&R already and is now back overseas. He called last week and asked for snacks. Primarily he wanted nuts and salty things, but a mixture would be nice. I think this is the 4th or 5th time we have sent packages to him and I like to think I've gotten pretty darned good at playing "Snack Tetris" and getting as much as I possibly can inside the size large flatrate priority mail boxes. Mom and Dad send boxes filled much the same way and when I was living back home during Derek's first deployment I used to make silly little drawings and origami animals to include in his packages. I feel badly that I never sent Derek any packages during his last deployment partly because I did not have his address and partly because I could hardly afford to feed myself and buy gas to get to work while I was in Maryland. I'm thinking a surprise package will find its way to his doorstep soon and I feel certain that he will love it even though he is no longer in the Army.

Box 1 of 2. Crackers, jerky and puzzle books wouldn't fit so there will be a second box soon. Contents listed below.

2 hardback novels
4 pots Armour vienna sausages
1 17 oz can mixed nuts
2 8 oz jars powdered coffee creamer
1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights bowl
1 18 oz jar peanut butter
1 9 oz can smoked almonds
1 15.6 oz can Pillsbury Funfetti frosting
1 12 oz honey bear
1 3D wooden puzzle toy
1 16 oz tub Hills Bros French Vanilla flavor Cappucino drink mix
1 7.2 ox bag sunflower kernels
1 5.25 oz bag ranch flavored sunflower seeds
1 3.5 oz bag cashew pieces
2-pack 2 fl oz bottles vanilla scented hand sanitizer
13 Wyler's Light single serve drink powder packets
2 2 fl oz 5-hour energy type drink shots
1 5.5 oz bag Sugar Daddy candies
1 6 oz bag Crybaby bubblegum candy
1 5 lb bag assorted Halloween candies

Friday, October 15, 2010

Recipe Friday: Cheap and Easy Frozen Mousse Dessert from Pioneer Woman

I read this cooking and food blog called Pioneer Woman Cooks. She has all sorts of other sections to her site, but the cooking one is the only one I have on my reader. Earlier this week she posted a recipe for Chocolate Almond Frozen Mousse. I know there are some people who would never touch it because it's made with Cool Whip, but let me tell you it is pretty delicious. And easy. Seriously. All you do is thaw your Cool Whip, stir in some cold coffee (and maybe extra vanilla if you really like the taste of it like I do), melt a chocolate bar and stir that in, put it back in the freezer until later. Or serve 1/2 of it for dessert after breakfast like I did. 'Cause sometimes breakfast needs a dessert. Or maybe it's just me and I'm mistaken. Right or wrong it's still tasty. And about as close to ice cream as I can get lately. Stupid dietary intolerances.

I took pictures while I was making it, but neglected to take even one of it served up in a dessert bowl or wine glass even though it is kinda pretty. I'm not going to steal the recipe for here even though I've already told you exactly what goes in it and how to make it. Head over to PW's post for the actual recipe and awesome photos (Seriously, hers are more awesome than mine ever would be) and tips for making your own batch.

**Edit 10/28/2010** Some photos of the deliciousness after being refrozen and served up after my return from St Louis.

As far me, I am finishing up packing for a quick trip to St Louis for a dear friend's wedding that I wasn't sure I'd be able to go to. Overjoyed! Even though I don't have a proper wedding gift as such, I want to be there with all my most awesome uni friends to celebrate, cry, and celebrate some more. I'll be making the couple a handmade blanket/quilt of their own and hopefully I will finish it before it ends up being both a wedding and anniversary present this time. So stay tuned for that. I will also probably post a photo or several from the trip while I'm there, but posting is not a guarantee so enjoy your weekend fully and I'll see y'all next week!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coming soon to My Etsy Shop

Fair warning: extraordinarily pic-heavy post

The items I have shown here will be included in a shop update on Friday; vintage items, postcards, earrings, my handmade ceramic items, etc. Prices listed here are often at a discount from what I would list them for in the shop and purchasing from me as a reader prior to placement in the shop allows you to get these things free of shipping charges (for U.S. delivery that is. I may have to ask a small sum if you wish for international delivery depending upon the item).  Larger images are available upon request. If you are interested in purchasing an item, please email me and we will work out payment through PayPal.

Item 1
Set of 4 vintage embroidered hankies with cross-stitch decoration and hand finished edges. These are 100% handmade, not embellished commercial hankies. $9

extraordinarily neat back side of cross-stitch embroidery

small blemish in weave of cloth on 1 hankie

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Halloween Link Awesomeness

Continuing a series wherein I share from my plethora of hoarded links and bookmarks. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite season so I have manymany related links. Link posts will continue on Tuesdays after I exhaust my Halloween-related collection.

Pear Beignets with Cardamom Crème Anglaise (y'all know I love cardamom) from Sophistimom*
Orange Pumpkin Pancakes with Black Cinnamon Syrup Spiders from Not Martha*
Pumpkin Pie from Closet Cooking
Red and Black Candy Apples from Matt Bites
Candy Apple and Sponge Toffee from Dinner with Julie
Kid Friendly Collection from The Recipe Girl
Vampire Slayer's Garlic-laced Chicken from Kitchen Scraps *
Toffee Crabapples from Tartelette (fun-sized variation on caramel apples)
Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream from Closet Cooking

Silly Jokes and Riddles from Kaboose

Betty Boo Bat Sock Doll from Heather Bailey

Witches, Ghosts and Pumpkins from Cider & Faun
Coffin Purse from
Glowing Tomato Cage Ghosts from All Free Crafts
Glowing Water from ImaginePower (awesome!)
Glowing Ice Orb Video Tutorial via YouTube
Can Luminaries from JollyMom*

DIY Monster Make-up from Make-Stuff
DIY Yarn Wig via
Dread Wig from The Fashionate Traveller
Giant Silver Wings from
Make Your Own Whip from MHW Whips (no photos)
Vampire Make-up from Life123 (traditional style, not modern sparkly vampire)
Feathery Cosplay Wings from Paper Wings Cosplay
A Milliner's Approach to Mask Making from Yale School of Drama
Mask Making from Sarah Clark Sketchblog
Papier Mache Mask Making from Craftown
Makeup Tips from Costume World
Wigmaking from Makeup-FX
Knit Elvis Wig from The Shed
Hallowig from Knitty
Make False Teeth Like a Pro from Makeup-FX
Altering Pre-Made Wigs from Alley Cat Scratch
Bunny Ears for Kids from Kaboose
No-Cook Edible Fake Blood from Instructables*
Gruesome Makeup Tips from All Hallows Eve

Craft Ideas and Tutorials from The Swell Life
Halloween Foods Round-up on iVillage
Variety of Crafts and Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens (click the little take me to my destination button at top of page when it prompts you to sign up)
31 Days of DIY Halloween from Patty Wack
Costuming Site from Bella Online
Lady Gaga Costumes from Squidoo 
MASSIVE list of stuff and things from aptly-named Halloween Monster List (most links work, a few do not)
DIY Halloween 2007 from Instructables
DIY Halloween Group on Flickr
Handmade Halloween from Craftster*

* = shown in photo mosaic 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quilt Starts

Birth of a handstitched scrappy hex quilt made with commercial prints, layered lace and my own hand-painted and hand-dyed fabrics.

I have started a couple of quilt tops. I'm not quite sure yet if I want to try to make everyone a quilt top for their christmas gift this year or something else. I've thought about making sets of dish scrubbies made from scratchy acrylic yarn or maybe cans of dulce de leche and including a recipe for use. Not sure yet. I would like to make either handstitched quilts or quilt tops for the shop. I'm not so sure there would be a demand for something like that, though, especially seeing as they take a lot of time and I'm not willing to not pay myself for making something like that so they would be pricey. Most of the jewelry and little things are just something I do to have something to do other than sewing and embroidering for a bit and I don't take them nearly as seriously. Stitching is different. Sure I sit at my machine or in front of stacks of fabrics making similar decisions about what to place where, and the other things do still take time, but I put much more of myself into sewn and stitched things than anything else I make right now even if from the outside it looks like I am cutting fabrics haphazardly and just running them through the machine. This may possibly change once I get access to a kiln and can start throwing pots again, but until that happens it's stitch.

Speaking of the shop, I haven't been adding items as regularly as I maybe should. I have some crafting/needlepoint/quilting books to list, a couple of ceramics pieces I can bear to part with, some homemade jellies and more earrings ready to be listed. I just haven't had the patience lately that is required to properly photograph them all. I am in no way a photographer, but I do want my items to be shown to the best of my ability. And writing up the descriptions takes a pretty piece of time as well. After the St Louis trip and then being sick, I just don't feel like sitting still any more than I have to.  But it needs to get done and I'm the only one to do it so I suppose a deadline must be imposed. Come Wednesday, I will post here photos of some things that will soon be listed in my Etsy storefront. I'll give y'all a couple days to look things over while I write up all the descriptions and if any of you would like to purchase any of the items I'll send you my PayPal info and you can purchase them sans shipping charges. Then on Friday I will post to Etsy.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Craft Links

I hoard links to crafty-type things that I like. I suspect the listing of my starred items in Google Reader and my Bookmarks on my computer and my Xmarks would be miles long, not to mention of course my StumbleUpon favorites and Wists. I figure it's high time I start sharing some of these lovelies and not just keeping them all to myself to gawk at and so y'all can use them for your own inspiration to plot crafty nefariousness. So I'm starting a new post series. I have lots of Halloween related links and wish I had thought about sharing my links and bookmarks sooner so I could have spread these out over September and October and you'd have more time to make some of them. After the Halloween ones, though, I have a lot more to draw from so I think I'm going to make Tuesdays link days. I wanted to get this list posted for the weekend, but I'm sure I will have more Halloween-related awesomeness to share come Tuesday.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Recipe Friday: Iced Constantine Edition, or Starbucks Stole My Childhood and Put it in a Glass

I am not generally a fan of Starbucks or similar establishments. It's probably incredibly snobbish or elitist of me, but I would rather go to some little Mom 'n Pop place or a practically unknown hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurant when I'm going to buy coffee instead of making it myself. The first time I ever went to a Starbucks, however, I ordered an Iced Constantine and was in coffee heaven. I don't remember which Starbucks I was at or when or why, but I remember that drink making me feel more than a little homesick. Everything about it reminded me of Gramma's house. It wasn't made from cinnamon, honey, cardamom, and good strong coffee. Not really. Someone had sneaked into my childhood and made an icy summer drink of it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Do You Create?

Photo by  Brittni Mehlhoff of papernstitch blog.

Brittni over at papernstitch is asking her readers some questions in anticipation of a new column. She asks:

Why do you create?
In other words, what first compelled you to begin making things and why do you continue to do so?

If you create (art, music, drawing, sewing, craft, cooking, baking, etc) and have any thoughts about why you do so or what got you started, head over to this post and let her know. 

This was my answer:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jefferson Davis Monument Trip

Sunday afternoon my Mom and Dad who aren't actually my Mom and Dad came into town to visit their daughter (the friend who recently broke her wrist), son-in-law and grandson. I came over to visit for a bit and was told everyone was going to be going to see some historic/tourist sites before they left. Mom wanted to see the monument and museum at Jefferson Davis State Park so we packed everyone into the cars and drove 30-some miles northeast until we got to the 351 foot tall cement obelisk you see above.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gorgeous Indie Jewelry Designer (Giveaway)

soooooo pretty!
I love the tiny, tiny jelly fishes inside some of these. The colors are awesome, too. Tiny, tiny, treasures to wear around your neck.

Enter the jewelry giveaway sponsored by Bumblesea indie jewelry / indie fashion blog.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hang Em Dry and Blogtoberfest

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Posting has slacked off here of late. It isn't that I haven't had the time, 'cause I have. I've just been avoiding the computer other than raid times lately. Generally being a slacker. Well, that and the whole almost-pneumonia thing I was talking about last week plus the fact that my pseudo-sister (who lives approximately 2 miles away from us with her hubby and their son, aka the awesome-est 3 year old I know) broke her wrist and I've been helping out at her house with dinners, driving and laundry and such. Enter Blogtoberfest. I'm number 189 on the list of participants because I wasn't sure it was something I wanted to take part in even though I know it won't be that hard to do. I could have been number 20 had I actually done something about it before now. (See? Slacker, I'm tellin' ya. I need to roll for initiative or something.) I don't know if I will actually be able to motivate myself enough to post every single day, but the fact that there are other people signed up to do the same thing will be a mental kick in the rear.

I am also participating in another Crunchy Chicken challenge: Hang 'Em Dry. The laundry rack I got from CSN stores was in anticipation of this challenge and I have, in fact, been air drying all of my laundry on it ever since it arrived last week. At least I haven't been slacking on that. Deanna is trying to get 100 households to participate in this challenge so if you are in the least interested (who wouldn't be interested in energy-free laundry drying and clothes that last longer?), click on over via the link above or the button on my sidebar under "Things I Do" and sign up. Or if you have a Facebook or Twitter and wouldn't mind spreading the word, she has this for copy/paste:  

If you could tweet or Facebook or otherwise help out I would be much appreciative!

"Join 100 families to save $ and 5.5 tons of CO2 by air drying your laundry in October's Hang Em Dry Challenge:"

As far as for in the realm of awesome, I found a tutorial for making sugar skull stuffies from the awesome blog life with monkey. I can totally see those on a garland or bunting adorning the doorway to my house to greet the trick-or-treaters!
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