Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogtoberfest and Hang 'em Dry Challenge Wrap Up

tiny, gorgeous moss growing on rocks at Forest Park, St Louis, MO

It is the end of the month and subsequently the end of the two challenges I participated in this month. I did not do as well on the blogging one as I did on the laundry one. The clothes dryer was in operation approximately 8 hours for the entirety of the month, not bad when I figure that our dryer normally takes over an hour per load to get things dry by itself, 1.5 hours if it's towels or sheets. At 2-4 loads of laundry per week, that time adds up fast. If I used the dryer for all of the drying I'd end up with an average of about 5 hours of drying time per week or 20 hours per month. That's 12 hours less drying time per month and, since my dryer is not energy efficient, a nice bit of savings on our electric bill. I will definitely be continuing the air drying for most all laundry done. The exceptions will be bedding because it takes way too long to dry without a proper outdoor clothesline (which is not an option in our treeless yard) as well as any clothing items that need to be washed and ready to wear ASAP for work or anything like that.

I missed 10 days of October for blogging, fully one third of the month, despite having a total of 25 posts. I am not necessarily unhappy about the blogging I have done, but I do not believe I will be participating in any similar blogging-type challenges in the future. I think the content in some of my posts this month was lacking and I'd rather just not post for a few days and have something pretty or interesting to show you rather than a bunch of DIY type links without having made even one of the items or crafts linked myself. That said, I have been crafting, just nothing very exciting or picturesque. To illustrate this ststement, I've got a couple of lists going on below.

Crafty and creative things in various stages of completion around here that are not really all that photogenic or just weren't photographed for a variety of reasons: 
~recycling large cardboard boxes into small packages for mailing Etsy orders
~wrapping rusted metal pieces up in an old pink shirt for rust dying
~tying knots in ropes for bird toys
~fishing dead and dying wasps out of the walnut dye bucket/vat
~dying bits and pieces with said vat
~collecting onion skins for dying
~painting fabric with the 3 year old (I don't have paper paints, only fabric ones, so all the paint-type art projects I do with him are on fabric and I need to figure out what to do with them all at some point)
~pumpkin carving with the 3 year old
~roasting seeds from all the pumpkins carved and eaten recently
~making dog lead/leash (I do plan on making a tutorial for this one)
~ongoing cleaning and reorganization of crafting and sewing space and supplies
~more hexagon making and attaching
~endless dishes from cooking and baking and making up recipes (multiple Recipe Friday posts in the making)
~making another batch of homemade laundry detergent

Things that I would like to be doing and photographing but haven't had time for recently: ~collecting colorful leaves and berries before it is no longer autumn and they all turn brown and icky
~wrapping up fabric bundles with said collected items and steaming them to dye the fabric
~cutting wood pieces and boards and clamping fabric between them to do some itajime dying
~sorting fabric stash according to fiber content and weight so I can take stock of what is left and use it for holiday gifts
~making a couple of wigs with the duffle bag of yarns I have (to be added to my soon-to-be-started costume collection)
~making quilt tops for siblings' holiday gifts
~writing up and sharing my recipe and method for making hot Chai tea at home (listed because my fingers are cold right now and it sure would be nice to wrap my hands around a cup of steamy, fragrant tea)
~walking through what passes for woods around here to see what I can find
~harvesting some of the bright red sumac berries I see ready in a couple of places and using them for dying

I suppose since I have started taking this blogging thing seriously, I need to start taking the planning and creating of posts part more seriously as well and begin scheduling a month or so of posts in advance. Kinda like scheduling study, library, homework, research and test time for school work I guess. I think that's what I'll do today before raid time. We are so close to downing The Lich King I can hardly wait until raid. Also, the Hallow's Eve event is one of my favorites in-game. The screen shot below is part of the reason for this. Fighting evil treants as a skeleton? Awesome. Plus battling Headless Horseman and costumed players everywhere you turn.

Right now, however, I am still very tired and cold and in need of a little more sleep after waking up at 5 with Corey and the dog. I will also have a post with pics of the costume later today once Corey's home and can take them for me.

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