Saturday, October 16, 2010

Care Package Tetris

Back in February I made a short post about one of my brother's deployment overseas. Duncan's been home for R&R already and is now back overseas. He called last week and asked for snacks. Primarily he wanted nuts and salty things, but a mixture would be nice. I think this is the 4th or 5th time we have sent packages to him and I like to think I've gotten pretty darned good at playing "Snack Tetris" and getting as much as I possibly can inside the size large flatrate priority mail boxes. Mom and Dad send boxes filled much the same way and when I was living back home during Derek's first deployment I used to make silly little drawings and origami animals to include in his packages. I feel badly that I never sent Derek any packages during his last deployment partly because I did not have his address and partly because I could hardly afford to feed myself and buy gas to get to work while I was in Maryland. I'm thinking a surprise package will find its way to his doorstep soon and I feel certain that he will love it even though he is no longer in the Army.

Box 1 of 2. Crackers, jerky and puzzle books wouldn't fit so there will be a second box soon. Contents listed below.

2 hardback novels
4 pots Armour vienna sausages
1 17 oz can mixed nuts
2 8 oz jars powdered coffee creamer
1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights bowl
1 18 oz jar peanut butter
1 9 oz can smoked almonds
1 15.6 oz can Pillsbury Funfetti frosting
1 12 oz honey bear
1 3D wooden puzzle toy
1 16 oz tub Hills Bros French Vanilla flavor Cappucino drink mix
1 7.2 ox bag sunflower kernels
1 5.25 oz bag ranch flavored sunflower seeds
1 3.5 oz bag cashew pieces
2-pack 2 fl oz bottles vanilla scented hand sanitizer
13 Wyler's Light single serve drink powder packets
2 2 fl oz 5-hour energy type drink shots
1 5.5 oz bag Sugar Daddy candies
1 6 oz bag Crybaby bubblegum candy
1 5 lb bag assorted Halloween candies

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  1. What a nice sister you are. I'm sure he appreciates it tremendously!


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