Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday to You

Fridays are supposed to be recipe days around here. And I did make something for you. I just have one heck of a sinus headache and ridiculous cough and would much rather curl up and sleep. I made a baked sugar pumpkin filled with savory bread pudding and cheese. It's really good. And I did take photos. So I will get that post written up later this weekend for you with photos and step by step instructions. I really do need to make up a month or 2 of Recipe Friday posts and auto-schedule them so this doesn't happen.  Sorry.

In other news, I found someone else who is using rusted, rotted and naturally dyed fabrics for embroidery grounds. The piece below is an example of Lindsay Joy's work from her Flickr photostream, where she is known as forestine. I like it quite a lot. She also has costumes and process photos of dyeing, embroidery and the costume making. I love the various naturally dyed scarves and cloth bits, but that's pretty much a given, right? I wish I could get some of the pieces I have stashed outside to rot so well as some of hers, but I think in order to do that I would have to pay more attention to them and water daily or something like that instead of just letting nature do its thing.

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