Thursday, October 21, 2010

New (to me) Book Ordered

I first saw Barbara R. Call's  The Crafter's Devotional when I was working at a Borders in Maryland. I don't talk about working at the bookstore much because I was only there a few weeks and, well, it pretty much sucked. The only redeeming factor was that the place was filled with all manner of books and I got to learn about new authors, titles and genres every day while I tried to clean up several months' worth of neglected dusting and mis-shelving by other, non-temporary, employees. I just can't stand it when a retail workplace is not clean and orderly and have it on good standing that the place is still ridiculously filthy and unorganized under the same manager. But that is neither here nor there. On one of my evening cleaning and re-shelving sprees I found an attractive-looking, turquoise-colored hardcover shoved between unremarkable tomes of coin identification and baseball card collecting. It was far too pretty and non-stuffy looking to belong with the books about collecting things. I leafed through it and decided that I wanted to take it home with me, but I hadn't been an employee long enough for the employee book borrowing program to have kicked in yet and at ~$25 it was way too expensive for me even with the employee discount. So I re-shelved it where it rightly belonged with all the other bright and colorful craft books and added it to the ever-growing list of Books I Want to Own Some Day.

Yes, that is a real list I keep. At the very tippetyy-top of that list right now is India Flint's Eco Colour, but not all that farther down is Crafter's Devotional. Or, rather, it was. Until I decided how to spend a $10 Amazon gift card I recently received for participation in a Sharing Economy Study over at Latitude that is. I just ordered a used copy in like new condition for $4.90 plus shipping. Even if it is more worn that the seller states and isn't quite like new, that's a pretty stellar deal for a new hardcover book from my list to add to my personal library. I have absolutely nothing against used books or other media. Keeps it out of a landfill and costs less than new. Rockin'! I am totally looking forward to using this new book and sharing the projects I make using it.

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