Friday, October 15, 2010

Recipe Friday: Cheap and Easy Frozen Mousse Dessert from Pioneer Woman

I read this cooking and food blog called Pioneer Woman Cooks. She has all sorts of other sections to her site, but the cooking one is the only one I have on my reader. Earlier this week she posted a recipe for Chocolate Almond Frozen Mousse. I know there are some people who would never touch it because it's made with Cool Whip, but let me tell you it is pretty delicious. And easy. Seriously. All you do is thaw your Cool Whip, stir in some cold coffee (and maybe extra vanilla if you really like the taste of it like I do), melt a chocolate bar and stir that in, put it back in the freezer until later. Or serve 1/2 of it for dessert after breakfast like I did. 'Cause sometimes breakfast needs a dessert. Or maybe it's just me and I'm mistaken. Right or wrong it's still tasty. And about as close to ice cream as I can get lately. Stupid dietary intolerances.

I took pictures while I was making it, but neglected to take even one of it served up in a dessert bowl or wine glass even though it is kinda pretty. I'm not going to steal the recipe for here even though I've already told you exactly what goes in it and how to make it. Head over to PW's post for the actual recipe and awesome photos (Seriously, hers are more awesome than mine ever would be) and tips for making your own batch.

**Edit 10/28/2010** Some photos of the deliciousness after being refrozen and served up after my return from St Louis.

As far me, I am finishing up packing for a quick trip to St Louis for a dear friend's wedding that I wasn't sure I'd be able to go to. Overjoyed! Even though I don't have a proper wedding gift as such, I want to be there with all my most awesome uni friends to celebrate, cry, and celebrate some more. I'll be making the couple a handmade blanket/quilt of their own and hopefully I will finish it before it ends up being both a wedding and anniversary present this time. So stay tuned for that. I will also probably post a photo or several from the trip while I'm there, but posting is not a guarantee so enjoy your weekend fully and I'll see y'all next week!

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  1. Sounds delish. Wish you had photos!! Pioneer Woman does a lot of good, easy dishes. Cooking just isn't my thing at the moment :)


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