Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Love Links: Jewelry from my Wists

Continuing a series wherein a share from my extensive bookmarks, Wists and StumbleUpon favorites.


Crop circles XL two tone hoops - E191 from noracatherine on Etsy

Yasha Butler Turquoise Tinted Porcelain Earrings from Tilde Shop


Rusty Orange Tulip Blossom Copper Vintage Style Earrings from ForTheCrossJewelry on Etsy

BIB-Statement- Necklace fabric/peacock from larisa71 on Etsy 


Circular Tagua Necklace - Colombia on Amnesty International

Pachamac Earring from free people boutique online


Juniper Cuffs pair by choklit on Etsy

Everything but the kitchen sink neckwarmer from ninja_knitter on Craftster

Five Flying Fireflies from BlueTerracotta on Etsy

1 comment:

  1. I love the crop circles ear rings but I hardly ever wear anything besides my captive ball ear rings mostly because it saves me time and energy to just leave them in and I can sleep with these in where as I couldn't with the prettier ones. The tulips are also gorgeous but I would want a brooch (sp?).


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