Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waldo Hat

While I was in St Louis this last time, a friend was lamenting that she had not been able to find the right hat for her Halloween costume yet. I asked what kind of hat she was looking for and was informed that she was looking for a Waldo hat, as in Where's Waldo. I immediately said that I could make her one and promised it would arrive in time for Halloween. So this weekend I improvised a pattern  for the two-colored hat and made a fun pompom for the top. Below is a photo of me proudly wearing said hat outside the post office before mailing yesterday, courtesy of Corey and his new phone.  (I think he secretly left his old phone in the pocket of his dirty jeans and threw them in the laundry just so he'd have a reason to get a new phone.) I think he took it using some sort of effects thing or something but I'm not sure.

In other news, we made an addition to the household this weekend. We have adopted a lab mix who was rescued from an abusive situation by friends. She's fitting in pretty well and aside from a couple of easily-remedied dominance issues (namely pulling while walking and begging for food), she's great. Photos to come. I will also have that recipe write up from last week's Recipe Friday ready for you tomorrow.


  1. That is awesome. You should make some of those and sell them on etsy. I mean, I totally want one now.

  2. Oh it looks FAB!!!
    love the pompom :)


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